Search and rescue airlifts injured ATV rider at Woldford


by GCSAR, Rraine Fiore
Grand County Search and Rescue (GCSAR) responded to a call for an ATV accident on the north side of Wolford Reservoir near Antelope Pass on Sunday, May 4, shortly before 4 p.m. This was their first call out in 44 days.

A 47 year-old male rolled his ATV and sustained hip injuries. Nine members of Grand County Search and Rescue responded to the call along with Grand County EMS, MMRT (Mountain Medical Response Team) and the County Sheriff. MMRT determined that the man’s injuries warranted the use a medivac helicopter. The man was airlifted from the trail and all first responders were back at the trailhead by 6:30pm.

As the weather begins to turn warmer and people are switching from snow sports to summer sports, Grand County Search and Rescue urges people to be prepared when heading out in the back country to enjoy ATV-ing, hiking, biking and camping. Do your research about the trails and weather before heading out. Be prepared by bringing enough water, food, clothing and emergency gear. Make sure someone knows where you are going and how long you will be out.