Shiloah Center serving Kremmling’s youth


by Marissa Lorenz

The Kremmling Community Church (KCC) is excited to formally announce the opening of the Shiloah Center, a dedicated space for the Church’s Shiloah ministry, “which exists to reach, equip, and empower the youth of Grand County to know Jesus and represent Him,” according to Robbie James, Senior Leader of KCC.
Located in what has long been affectionately dubbed the “Bumgarner Building” at 116 North 3rd Street, on the northeast corner of the Kremmling Town Square, the Shiloah Center was transferred to the Church, via quit claim deed, on November 30, according to Grand County Assessor’s records.
But the Church began renovations on the building months ago. And the Shiloah, which means “gentle, flowing river of God” in Hebrew, is already offering a “space for young people to feel safe, honorable, secure, and loved,” explains James.
KCC’s teen ministry, named Overflow, meets every Thursday at the Shiloah. Every other week, 30 to 50 middle school and high school youth and various adult mentors (parents and other spiritual guides) share a meal. And every Overflow gathering is built around “eating, playing, worshiping, teaching, and discussion.”
James says that, currently, the group is watching episodes of “The Chosen” together, a two-season TV series intended to bring the story of Jesus to life through the stories of those around him.
The group also plays games–”silly, experiential, team building, and Christ-centered”–and shares with one another.
“This generation is looking for something real,” James observes, “something more than the superficial world of the internet. Here, we come together and create a time where they can be authentic, genuine–feel recognized as themselves.”
The Shiloah is continuing to partner with the greater community as well. Activities such as Zumba and Pilates will continue on their regular schedule. Steam Boat Music is offering music lessons a couple of days a week. Steamboat Academy Dance Lessons will continue scheduling dance classes. And the various spaces will continue to be available for rental for other private and/or community events.
“We want to honor what this building offered before,” James notes. “We want to find ways to bless the generosity of the gift of this building, bringing honor, stewardship, and growth.
“This building is a story of generosity, vision, and heart. [The donors] have such a heart for generational impact. They have a vision for blessing our youth and community in a way that is intentionally intergenerational. And the Kremmling Community Church is blessed to have been given stewardship of such a great gift.”
As to growth and ways the Shiloah may be used in the future, James says that “there are many ideas, but we want to be intentional, assessing the needs of the community and region; volunteer availability and capability; and how to support new activities, through fundraising or donations.
“We all have good dreams. We dream well together with the Lord,” he continues, “and we want to listen to what he’s saying.”
Church leaders are also intentionally listening to the voices of the youth for whom the Shiloah is primarily intended.
“We are holding brainstorming sessions with the Overflow group,” says James. “We want to know what they want the Shiloah to look like. And when you anticipate youth as a part of the direction, when you keep Jesus at the center, their voice will allow the truth of what’s inside. They are amazing!”
All brainstorming and proposals are being guided by the vision of the Shiloah, which commits to:
Providing Christ-centered encounter-oriented activities for youth who will discover God through events and retreats.
Providing Christ-centered spiritual, physical, and educational training through a variety of activities and opportunities.
Providing intensive experiential discipleship training for young emerging leaders.
Hosting and facilitating frequent gatherings as a beacon of hope for our community, an outpost for worship, a center for intercession, and for equipping and empowering the youth of Grand County and the surrounding region.
In the meantime, Kremmling Community Church and the Shiloah will host a teen lock-in on New Year’s Eve as something of a christening event for the building and all the opportunities it will offer youth of Kremmling and the greater region.
And the Church invites the community to a worship service to be held in the downstairs meeting room at 10:00 a.m. on January 2, the first Sunday following the new year.
“We invite everyone to come celebrate a new year and the opportunities of generosity and stewardship that that brings,” says James.
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photo by Kim Cameron
The Bumgarner Building is now under the stewardship of the Kremmling Community Church and has been christened as the Shiloah Center. Shiloah pronounced as Shy-Low-A w means gentle flowing river of God in Hebrew. The Center will serve as a community center with a focus on children.