Short-Term Rental Amendments made to Grand County Zoning Regulations


On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, the Board of County Commissioners voted to allow nightly rentals in all zoning Districts within unincorporated Grand County, subject to an annual Short Term Rental Permit.

The new amendments became effective on May 24th 2017. The new fee for a Short Term Rental Permit is $150.00 with an annual renewal requirement.

The process of revising the Short Term Rental program in Grand County began in January 2017. Following that initial discussion, an ad-hoc committee was formed to address the many issues of short term rentals within Grand County. The ad-hoc committee met three times, and forwarded their recommendation to the Grand County Planning Commission. The Planning Commission also met on three separate occasions, and forwarded a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners last week. The approval of the new permitting process by the Board of County Commissioners also included a requirement for an annual review, in order to address any changes in the economic conditions within the short-term rental industry.

The intent of the Board of County Commissioners is to give property owners the option to profit from renting out their homes while at the same time protecting neighbors from any potential negative impacts. The Commissioners, along with citizens attending the meeting, agreed that the new policy facilitates the practice of “Good Neighbor” policies throughout all of Grand County. As short term rentals are registered as part of this new program, appropriate lodging and sales taxes, associated with any rentals, will be collected.

Information on Short Term Rentals, and how to pay your lodging and State sales tax, can be found at:

Questions? Contact the Community Development Department at 970-725-3767.