Subway under new ownership

photo by Kim Cameron Jesus Dominguez and Gaby Castañon
photo by Kim Cameron Jesus Dominguez and Gaby Castañon

Kremmling’s Subway is under new ownership. Wednesday, July 18, 2018 marked the first day that Shavanh Dominguez and her son Jesus were officially at the helm of Subway.

photo by Kim Cameron A changing of the guard! Becky Miller and Shavahn Dominguez spent Tuesday of this week together ensuring a seamless transition for Subway's customers.
photo by Kim Cameron
A changing of the guard! Becky Miller and Shavahn
Dominguez spent Tuesday of this week together ensuring a
seamless transition for Subway’s customers.

Becky Miller, who had completed over a decade as owner, said, “It has been a wonderful experience. Over the ten years, I have gotten to see all these kids grow-up. I am so grateful for the town and their support. It is bittersweet for me, but I am excited for Shavanh and her family. It will be a great transition.”

Shavanh and her husband, Luis, purchased the Subway building in March of 2017, but did not have immediate plans to purchase the Subway business. Shavanh and Luis also own and operate Dominguez Expert Painters and were already busy, but they felt owning Subway was meant to be and the timing was right.

“Subway is a landmark business in Kremmling, and I thought it would be a good business for my family. It will be good for our children,” Shavanh said of the new family business. Shavanh is no stranger to the work involved at Subway. She worked for Subway under two different owners, Shannon Janson and Anne Auger. She also completed her two-week Subway training in Connecticut earlier this summer. “There is a lot more to Subway than just making sandwiches. It is a customer-centered business,” said Shavanh.

Fourteen-year-old, Jesus has also been training and working with Becky for the past two months. Luis Jr, the oldest of the children, will be a senior this year at West Grand. He will help at Subway as needed, but he will also continue to help at the painting business as time allows between sports, scholarship applications and visiting prospective colleges. Davina, the youngest, will be entering fifth grade this year and also has plans to help at Subway.

“My kids will work here during the summer and with sports it will be harder during the school year. We will take it one day at a time and just see where it goes. I am going to work with them on their schedules because I do want them involved. Everything we do, we do for our children,” said Shavanh and added that her children like the responsibility of being involved in the business.

“My husband has been a very good role model for the kids teaching them that the sky is the limit if you work hard,” said Shavanh.

Knowing how busy family life can be, Shavahn hopes to be able to offer specials for families who are rushing to sports or school events. “I love that Subway is fast food but healthy, and I want to run specials. I am thinking of ideas. I also want creative suggestions from the community,” expanded Shavahn.

“I love the community. It is connected and everyone takes care of each other,” she continued. “I want to be good to my locals and continue to be a part of the community.”

The first community debut will be this weekend’s Elevation Festival where Shavahn and her Subway crew agreed to provide approximately 500 meals for the expected crowds. The Rocky Mountain International Harvester Rendezvous will also be in town. “It will be a busy weekend. I am excited,” said Shavahn undauntedly.

Shavahn is depending on the experience of Gaby Castañon who has worked at Subway for nearly ten years. Coincidentally, she is also related to the family. She is Luis’s cousin. The Dominguez family first moved to Kremmling in ’98. Serendipitously, Shavahn was visiting Kremmling in ’98 when she met Luis. She finished high school in Kremmling and recalls being so happy when they bought their first home, “I like the small community. I was so excited to know my children would be raised here. I love it here.”