Town Candidate Introduction – Week 1


The Grand Gazette will be profiling Town Council candidates on March 5, 12 and 19. Mail-in ballots will be mailed on March 16 and will also ask town residents whether or not they wish to lift the ban on marijuana-related business. Town Clerk Joanna Eaton estimates around 979 ballots will be mailed. The ballots must be returned by April 7.

There are four candidates vying for three seats. This week candidates were asked to introduce themselves in 100 words or less and then asked to explain why they are seeking a position on the Board. They appear in the order they will appear on the ballot. – Peter Moschonas, Jason Wikberg, Jim Miller and David Sammons.

Jason Wikberg
I am a self employed Building Contractor that has lived in Kremmling for over 15 years. I am married to Sharmane Wikberg, and have one son that lives in Texas. I enjoy all the things that Kremmling and the surrounding area has to offer. My hobbies include work, hunting, fishing, cooking, camping and OHV riding.

I am currently a Trustee on the Kremmling Town Board, and am seeking to be re-elected so I can continue serving our Town and all our great residents therein. There are several reasons I seek re-election, I believe I am a reasonable person that listens to what people have to say, and take that into consideration on anything the Board votes on. I think I have done, and will continue to do, a good job in assisting the rest of our board members in keeping a reasonable and fair budget every year with the limited funds our Town has to work with. We have made, and will continue to make reasonable, fair decisions to clean up our Town and help make it a nice place to live. Some ongoing issues that continually need to be addressed are: things like affordable housing; business promotion, hence jobs; a lot more things for the children of Kremmling to do; and street maintenance and paving when money allows. We live in a great Town with many great residents and friends, and I would love to continue serving as a Town Trustee.

Peter Moschonas

I believe no one is raised on the “wrong side of the tracks” and we all have a voice and need to be heard. Good hard work, honesty, and integrity are values that I live by; and I look to take action to improve Kremmling’s community connection and pride.

My heart resonates with the community, businesses, and the workforce as I have years of experience in leadership roles spanning from industries ranging from concrete, trucking, telecommunications, retail, and hospitality. I wish to improve employee retention for mom-and-pop businesses as my experience includes owning a franchise called Scottie’s Restaurant with 56-employees.

Jim Miller
I grew up in Kremmling in the 80’s and 90’s and graduated West Grand High School. I took a many year vacation from Kremmling. In that time I lived in Phoenix, Greeley, and Denver, made a family, and came to a breaking point that “City Life” was no place to raise a family. In late 2006, I moved my family and business back home. My parents have been residents of Kremmling for 41 years and have retired here. I have owned and operated two different businesses while in Kremmling – a computer service and repair business, and because of cancer battle for my wife , first an electronics recycling “fundraiser” that became a business.

Why are you seeking a position on the Board?

Kremmling is a great place to raise a family. Just as I relocated my young girls back to the town I grew up in, my daughter is raising her family in Kremmling as well. In the least, I want to help give my daughters and my grandchildren the same opportunities to grow up and feel secure. Two years ago I attempted to run for a town office and at the last minute had to focus on a family issue – so I do feel guilty that I let at least 25 people down that signed that petition, and this is my attempt to make that right. I was asked by several citizens and a couple employees to consider running for town trustee late last year. With some of the current issues affecting Kremmling, I believe the people and the sovereignty of Kremmling are being Constitutionally attacked. I am running to protect Kremmling’s rights as a town and the justice and rights of the citizens (even if that is from Town government itself). As I understand it, the decision power of the town board has been delegated too much over the past and too often decisions are made by someone who isn’t even elected to make that choice. I am merely seeking to be one person on a board of six, but my desire is to do right by the people of Kremmling, and bring that decision making back to the board, give the people of Kremmling there voice. I think the policies and ALL codes of this town need a common sense review, and violations of the US Constitution or State Constitution must be removed. If decisions are made in fear of litigation, then its time to get new legal representation and build a better municipal court system that can truly deal with the issues of town law. If you elect me to be a town trustee, I will be approachable, communicative, and respective of opinions.

My business has given me the opportunity to make some quality connections in the neighboring town halls of the county and I would like to see a bridge “across Byers Canyon” and have some partnership work on some of the growing pains of the county, and stop relying on County Government to fix our town problems.

David Sammons

I’ve been here for 30 years and have served on the Board for 2 years. I’m running again because there is still a lot of work to do on mosquitoes