Town Talk by Mark Campbell


Snow parking now in effect | Budget | Sales Tax

Yes, vote on Senate Bill 152


Ballots have been mailed out to registered town voters on an important vote to opt out of Senate Bill 152. This allows for the Town of Kremmling the ability to work with other providers for the possibility of better internet opportunities for the town. Senate Bill 152 currently prohibits the town from doing so. A yes vote will allow the town the opportunity without raising taxes.

In relation to the Police Department court ruling, this case is still ongoing and the Town of Kremmling are pursuing all options pertaining to this case.

As mentioned in this column before, a friendly reminder that people should be keeping their yards free of debris and weeds.

Also, as we come up to snow removal season please remove your trash cans from the side of the road after it has been emptied to allow for easier snow removal. Also snow parking is now in force for the Grand West and Kremmling Country areas of town until April. This allows us better access to keep these streets clear of snow.

The town budget has been presented to the Kremmling Town Board of Trustees and the main focus for 2018 shall be some water compliance projects that need to be addressed. These include new clarifiers at the water tanks and some reservoir maintenance.

After eight months, the town has finally moved ahead on sales tax for 2017. March, July and August were record months with the remaining months being very close seconds or thirds. We are up 0.05% ($271) on last year for this time. A good summer has allowed us to bounce back from a slow start to the year. The last four years have been our highest four years on record. As mentioned before, we believe that the total amount will be leveling out within 2017 and 2018.

A very big Thank You to all the businesses in town, and to the visitors and residents who shop locally. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.