Town Talk with Town Manager Dan Stoltman

Dan Stoltman
Dan Stoltman

It’s been about four months since I assumed my position as the Kremmling Town Manager, and so far, it’s been great. The Board has been a pleasure to work for, Town staff has been great to work with, and the community has been amazing. I wanted to let the community know that my door at Town Hall is always open to the public, so feel free to come and see me about anything you’d like. If you have questions about the Board agenda, have a topic you would like to see on a Board agenda, or want to discuss something you would like to see happen in Town, come see me, let’s discuss it!

I wanted to let the community know about a couple of important items.

The first is a change coming to the Town Board meeting Schedule.
Town staff recommended to the Town Board a change in the Board meeting schedule. That recommendation was to move the Board meetings to once per month. At the August 7th Board meeting, the Board approved the schedule change. Starting in September, Town Board meetings will be once per month on the third Wednesday starting at 6:00 PM. We will be publishing the entire Board packet on the Town’s website, as well as on Facebook. We also intend to live stream the Board meetings and will begin testing our capability of doing so soon. So why the change? With two meetings per month, staff has about a week to prepare for the next meeting. The change allows staff more time to work on agenda items as well as other non-board related items. With this extra time between Board meetings, we will be able to get the agenda and packet materials to the board and to the public a week before the meeting. Currently, we typically get the martial out on the Friday or Monday before the Wednesday meeting. This change will give everyone more time to review the material before the meeting. In no way will this mean limiting the public to information or access, it’s meant to give the public more time to review the information and reach out to Board members or staff members with any questions prior to the meeting.

Another topic I wanted to touch on, is code enforcement.
I know this is a priority of the community and of the Board, and Town staff has been working on a way forward. Code enforcement can be a tricky and touchy topic, and we want to make sure we approach it in a way that is fair across the board, and we work with the community, and not against the community. Because we believe in that approach, it will take time. We are continually reviewing our ordinances and policies to help ensure that we what we do makes sense, and the necessary changes are made to meet our goals. I think we have been making progress, but this can take time and won’t happen overnight, but if we stay committed and all work together, we can accomplish it.

One of the biggest problems with code enforcement from an organization standpoint is time and staff. We have a very small staff and are limited in what we can handle on a day to day basis. But with a good plan, we can do more than we have been doing, and we are working on that plan. But in the meantime, the community can help us by being our eyes, and bringing problems to the staff’s attention.

The best way for you to do that is by filling out a “request for service” form and submitting it to us at Town Hall. This form can be used for anything from code violations, weeds, street light outages, sidewalk problems, and so on. By filling out the form it creates a record of the problem, and that problem is now right in front of us and we will take action on it.

Thank you all for welcoming me to your community. If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns, again, my door is always open.

Dan Stoltman
-Town Manager