Travis Wildeboer to run for Commissioner


by Marissa Lorenz
The Grand County Clerk and Recorder’s Office announced this week that Travis Wildeboer, an unaffiliated candidate for the office of Grand County Commissioner District 1, has collected the required number of signatures to appear on the November 3, 2020 General Election Ballot.

Wildeboer was required to collect 166 signatures to successfully petition onto the ballot but surpassed that threshold, submitting 214 valid signatures.

Wildeboer and his wife Alyssa moved to Grand County as newlyweds in 2003. While he says they were “initially attracted to the landscape and outdoor recreation of Grand County,” they have “come to realize that it is the people in Grand County that make this place home.”

Travis and Alyssa are the parents of two children, ages 5 and 3, and have owned and operated two small businesses over the past 17 years, a home building/remodeling business and a home cleaning business.

In 2013, with what he calls a “higher calling to public service,” Wildeboer went through the EMS training program offered by Grand County EMS and has “had the privilege of working for them full-time for the past 7 years.”

He cites his experiences and interactions with Grand County citizens–as a small business owner, first responder, and parent–as providing the “opportunity to fully understand the challenges we all face when trying to live and thrive in Grand County.”

As candidate for the Board of County Commissioners, Wildeboer details how he plans to prioritize his efforts in representing Grand County. He lists them as “unwavering support for Public Health, EMS, law enforcement, and fire; supporting local business with sustainable growth and infrastructure; working on affordable housing, for both full-time residents and seasonal workers; promoting effective and efficient government by attracting and retaining the brightest teachers, first responders, and civil servants; and advocating for the defense and stewardship of our public land, water, and natural resources.”

Wildeboer will run against incumbent Rich Cimino in November for the opportunity to represent Grand County and, in particular, the Tabernash, Fraser, and Winter Park communities as District 1 Commissioner.