Uber comes to Kremmling | Get a lift with Sue Frank

Uber comes to Kremmling | Get a lift with Sue Frank

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photo by Kim Cameron Sue Frank debuted her “Sueber” in the Kremmling Day’s parade saying “Don’t be a dummy - use your head! Frank also has a hair business.

When Sue Frank isn’t doing hair, she can be found shuttling folks around in her minivan, which she now calls “Sueber”. You can download the app and request a ride, and the nearest driver will take you to your destination. The concept has been around for awhile, and is still pretty new here. You can also call Sue direct and reserve a ride, or even call spur of the moment.

If Sue is doing someone’s hair, she will give you a ride!

However, calling for a reservation will secure your spot, and she has space for five riders with seatbelt, and their luggage. The number for a ride is 970- 389-1180. YOU MUST leave a name and number. You can also download the app and enter promo code suef3035ue to get a discount.

Uber is also looking for drivers, and you can earn a bonus by using the promo code when you go online to drive. suef3035ue.



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