Unlocking the Secrets of a Nutritious Diet


It’s a pretty safe bet that at some point most of us have heard a doctor say the best way to lower your blood sugar/cholesterol/cardiac risk is with a healthy diet. But what even is a healthy diet? You’ve probably read somewhere or had a friend swear, that you have to eat a low fat, a low carb, a high fat, a high carb, a keto, a paleo, a vegetarian, or an Ornish diet. Or another tell you the secret is either low calorie, low glycemic index, intermittent fasting, or multiple small meals. I’m sure it’s got your head spinning and your stomach tied in knots, leading to you throw your hands in the air and continue to eat what you are familiar with. After all who has time to prepare an entire new menu, while trying to get the kids to school, the house cleaned, the pets fed, and you to work.

We’d like to try to help you make some sense out of the immense amount of often conflicting information out there on a healthy diet. So come join Dr. Wisner and others from Middle Park Health as we begin an adventure to unlock some of the secrets of a nutritious diet. We’ll start this month with some basic info on nutrition and over the next few months build on that knowledge to give you the tools to make smart, healthy, and nutritious dietary choices.

Please RSVP to 970.724.3176 or tfreitag@middleparkhealth.org