West Grand School District Board notes | April 10

photo by Rebecca Guthrie Gifted and Talented Committee posed with Board of Education - Jeremy Bock, Shorty Lemon, Mitch Lockhart, Laura Gore, Michele DeSanti, Karen Bergum, Shawn Lechman, Jennifer Stuart, Jessica Smiley, Elizabeth Bauer, Nellie Thomson, Andrew Mericle, Kara Wilson, Darrin Peppard, Jess Buller
photo by Rebecca Guthrie Gifted and Talented Committee posed with Board of Education - Jeremy Bock, Shorty Lemon, Mitch Lockhart, Laura Gore, Michele DeSanti, Karen Bergum, Shawn Lechman, Jennifer Stuart, Jessica Smiley, Elizabeth Bauer, Nellie Thomson, Andrew Mericle, Kara Wilson, Darrin Peppard, Jess Buller

District adopts more stringent eligibility requirements, revises Gifted and Talented, high school to move to block scheduling


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jeremy Bock, Michele DeSanti, Shorty Lemon, Sara Lechman, Mitch Lockhart and Jessica Smiley, ABSENT: Travis Hoesli STAFF PRESENT: Darrin Peppard, Dominique Jones, Martha Schake, Jess Buller, Jake Johnson, Jimi Poindexter, James Gregory, Clayton McSpadden, Liz Bauer, Sara Sheets, Susie Bergman, Taryn Edson, Rachel Waltman, Laura Gore, Darcee Biekert, Karen Bergum, Nellie Thomson, Melissa Johnston, Andrew Mericle, Kara Wilson


District / Community Happenings Staffulty /Student Recognition – The district has been working through and revitalizing the Gifted and Talented program. D. Peppard wanted to thank the gifted and talented committee: L. Gore, N. Thomson, A. Mericle, M. Johnston, J. Buller, L. Bauer, K. Bergum, K. Wilson. J. Buller wanted to recognize 7th and 8th grade art students for their mural projects with R. Waltman.

Gifted and Talented Presentation – L. Gore headed the committee and thanked the additional committee members. The first task was to update the February 2005 handbook. The revised handbook is now posted on the website. Gore briefly reviewed what is in the handbook. In most districts only 5% of the student body is considered gifted and talented. The pool for WGSD is extended to include a larger “Talent Pool”. The identification process in ongoing and the students are identified between grades 3 through 12. Currently all the identified students are in HS. There is a new test Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT3), that will also allow non-English speaking students the opportunity to shine. For this test the student must score in the 95th percentile. Students who are identified as G&T students are then provided an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) for their determined area of giftedness. HS

Athletic/Activities 2018 / 2019 Proposal – L. Bauer and C. McSpadden presented a new chart regarding HS activities and athletics. They believe both should be held to the same commitment of excellence in education. C. McSpadden then proposed a new eligibility for activities and athletics. He reviewed the current CHSAA requirements, which is what WGSD has been following. Per Bauer, the intent is to raise the bar as the “student athletes” are students first and hold the students participating in activities to the same standards.


District Accountability Committe (DAC) – J. Bock stated that DAC met in March they considered reviewing the 2018 / 2019 budget but later determined it was too late to offer input. They did discuss UIP and the eligibility. M. Lockhart will not be the DAC Board rep.

K-8 Principal – Enrollment numbers as of 4/2 are 267 for K8, which is plus 4. Still knee deep into testing (2nd week), Buller asked to recognize B. Stratham, Tommy and J. Poindexter for their technology assistance. There doesn’t seem to be many students who will need make up testing. Student led conferences wrapped up, with a 95% turn out. WGSD is in a pilot with 100 other school districts for the teacher evaluation system, which means end of the year meetings will need to be completed by April 30. Buller and Bauer attended the Greeley teacher fair. The K8 assistant principal position is still open. There is 1 more staff fair. Buller will be meeting with the interview committee, currently there are 13 or 14 applicants. Bike Rodeo is April 26, April 30 the 7th and 8th grade have a field trip to the Denver Art Museum, May 3 is the 5th grade law day at Grand County Courts.

High School – L. Bauer stated the High School is also testing. State Science Fair was last weekend and 2 projects received honorable mention. A. Castillo won the cover for the brochure for the second year. The robotics team is going to world next weekend. Athletics, track is in full swing, May 10th is the home track meet, C. McSpadden is recruiting volunteers. Moving forward with the business program, Bauer has discovered a pilot program to extend the options for training. Previously there was only secretarial training available. The new program would be more general business. The HS is moving to a modified block schedule. This will include advisory every day, having 3 blocks of instructional time, and 1 period of everyday. This will take effect next year. With the athletics and activities changes, Bauer mentioned that fundraising requests will be streamlined. After prom will be hosted by the parents. May 26th at 10am is graduation.

District – D. Peppard commented that May 7th is the open house to provide both a student work showcase and the provide an explanation of moving forward with the vision of the District. Peppard also stated that they have added some software to assist with work orders, transportation requests, school safety, etc. (Dude Solutions). This will streamline requests and will simplify reporting for transportation, etc.


Resignations–K-8 ESL Paraprofessional, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Middle School Science Teacher Notice of Assignment – Bus Driver 2018 / 2019 HS Administrator Contract – Reviewed and approved. 2018/2019 K8 Administrator Contract – Reviewed and approved. Non-Renewal – This was reviewed and approved as nonrenewal for Faith Engel’s contract, pursuant to C.R.S. 22-63-203.

Request for FY19 Salary Step Increase for Staff – March 27th the Salary and Benefits committee met, they discussed two options. The first being a base increase about $500 ($43,333.68 annually), the second being a step increase, these range from $500 to $800 ($56,397.81 annually). Option 2 was reviewed and approved.

Non-bordering State Travel Request – Robotics – This was reviewed and approved. M. DeSanti asking if donations were made, L. Bauer stated that yes donations had been made and the estimated cost is between $6000 and $8000.

Vehicle Purchases – The district received notice today that the state bid vehicle pricing for 2018 is only valid until 4/12, the price for a Chevy Suburban is just under $41k. The current vehicles were purchased in 2001 and 2002 Suburban each has 138k+ miles. This was reviewed and approved for the purchase of two Suburbans, one for 2017 / 2018 budget and the second for the 2018 / 2019 budget. Items for next month’s agenda: There is a special meeting April 24, at 6pm, this is primarily for teacher contract review, there will also be one student presentation. Executive Session, general personnel and student discipline. 7:26pm Adjourned.