Wild Moose Chase


courtesy photo

One of the three moose relocated from Summit County rests in the trailer used to haul them to Grand County.  The moose regained its feet shortly for the trip to its new home.

Wild Moose Chase

by Nina Wood

Most everyone who watches television news saw the story on Monday of the moose that took to the slopes in Breckenridge and chased after a snowboarder.  The whole thing was captured on “tape”.  Maybe not everyone saw the followup on what action Colorado Parks and Wildlife took to eliminate any further threat.  The episode on the slope was not the first threat from wildlife in recent days as snowshoers on the Nordic course had been harassed earlier by three moose that hung out there, especially the bull

Late Monday afternoon CPW with assistance from a number of area agencies including the Breckenridge Police Department tranquilized the three moose known to hang around that location.  The moose had to be kept in an upright position, although not standing, while out since they would otherwise likely die from being unable to breathe. After all three were loaded into the trailer used to haul them to their new habitat, they were given an injection to reverse the effects of the tranquilizer.  The bull was released on Stillwater Pass near Grand Lake, and the two cows went to the Williams Fork drainage.  It is not known if the bull transplanted was the same one who chased the snowboarder down the slopes earlier.

A spokesman for the Town of Breckenridge says calls of moose bothering people has been on the rise.