Zoom Becomes Theatre at Virtual Improv Workshop

Amy Marschak, improv poetry performer, will present a free workshop via Zoom on Wednesday, April 28.
Amy Marschak, improv poetry performer, will present a free workshop via Zoom on Wednesday, April 28.

by Meg Soyars

Improv poetry performer, Amy Marschak, will bring fun and laughter to the medium of Zoom during Grand County Library’s “Virtual Improv Workshop” on Wednesday, April 28. Laptops will become a theatre stage as participants learn improvisational games.
Wednesday’s event is designed for teens and adults, whether they are pros or beginners. “Improv is about practicing creativity and having time to smile,” Marschak explained. “It’s about saying, ‘Yes, and…’ instead of ‘No, but…’ Just going with the flow and not overthinking it. If you ‘go big’, you won’t fall flat!”

She added that the workshop is for “community-building and connecting with people locally who you might not have met before.” Connecting Grand County residents is more important now than ever, since people have been isolated at home for so long. The workshop will also allow participants (who may be used to stationary Zoom calls) to break out of their “box”, so to speak.
“You can move around in your box, stand up, jump around, whatever you like!” Marschak said.

“Everyone gets a chance to play and be part of it.” She explained that the workshop’s interactive format will dispel the awkwardness that can plague traditional Zoom meetings. Everyone’s mic will be on andMarschak will call on participants, so there will be no pauses as people try to unmute or wonder if it’s their turn to speak. Most importantly, Marschak will create a fun, comfortable space for people to express themselves.

Marschak is a veteran teacher of improv, combining this with the art of poetry. Before the coronavirus pandemic, she hosted in-person improvisational shows. “I’ve traveled from Africa to Ireland, and NYC to LA,” she said. Marschak moved her workshops onto the virtual stage after the pandemic. Through the new Zoom medium, she’s hosted over 50 shows, including surprise birthdays, office parties, holiday poetry-grams with Santa, and other special events. Participants can record the event and keep a copy for their memories!
Wednesday’s workshop will last from 5:30-6:45 p.m., but those new to Zoom can sign on at 5:20 to learn the basics. “We’ll be using Zoom as an art form!” Marschak exclaimed. “Zoom is just the container. It’s all about getting involved creatively and having fun with people in your community!”

Space is limited, so to register for the workshop, please visit https://gcldco.evanced.info/Signup.
You can also contact Michelle Grant at (970) 887-2149 or mgrant@gcld.org to learnmore. Marschak’s website is improvpoet.com.