Ghostwood Interiors honored with Shining Stars of VR Award

“Ghostwood Interiors demonstrates that when a company is inclusive in its hiring practices and supportive of its workers, the dividends are happy employees willing to work hard and even be ambassadors for the business,” said a press release issued by Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and its Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Ghostwood Interiors capitalizes on the eclectic strengths of its staff (L to R) Lorna Babcock, Holly Sheppard and PJ Clark.

Ghostwood Interiors in Kremmling was recently announced as a recipient of the Shining Stars of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) award. The inaugural program sought businesses who celebrated workforce inclusion, and the Ghostwood Interiors staff definitely fit the criteria of celebration.

Holly Sheppard nominated Ghostwood Interiors for the award through the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and said she just felt blessed to work with her two managers.

“They hired me with a recently broken hip and seriously disabled knees,” said Sheppard in her letter of nomination. “My managers, P.J. Clark and Lorna Babcock are always encouraging my own unique abilities and never make me feel inadequate. Because of them – and the natural beauty and peacefulness of our showroom – I have the best job ever! I’ve never been happier!”

Sheppard had worried that with a recently broken hip and limited mobility, she may be not be hired.. But yet, they valued her organization and inventory skills and what she brought to the team. Clark and Babcock even made the work place easier for her to navigate by improving lighting and keeping pathways clear.

But if you ask Clark and Babcock, they will be quick to list the positive contributions that Sheppard brings to the work place.

Babcock says, “She has the heart of hospitality… she brings a sweetness element t o o ur t eam. S he m akes everyone so welcome when they come in.”

“I love it here. I love meeting the customers and the tourists that come in. They ooh and aah… and I say, I know I agree with you it is all just so beautiful,” Sheppard says of the original furniture and art work in the store. Ghostwood Interiors is a large “reclaimed barn wood” furniture and home store that makes most of their furniture on their premises, and also features the crafts and wares of many of Kremmling’s local talents.

Babcock, an artist, will regularly redesign the store and redecorate it while the team considers Clark the “glue” that holds the place together. For seven years, Clark has done the ordering for the store and works with vendors directly while also providing her own unique artistic touches to the store. Yet, Clark is quick to put the spotlight back on Sheppard by calling her, “the shining star.”

“I nominated Ghostwood Interiors because I was just feeling so grateful,” said Sheppard and felt that God had a direct hand, “The fact that I entered and that I won was God-given.”

The trio will be presented the 2017 Shinging Stars of VR award along with 18 other recipients on Thursday, November 15 at 1:15 p.m. at the State Capitol building. Governor John Hickenlooper is expected to give the awards to the recipients in the Governor’s Chambers.

Ghostwood Interiors is owned by Mark Mathis and is located on Park Avenue in Kremmling. For more information about the store and its unique home furnishings and decorations, call 970-724-1110.