Grand Adventure Brewing Company comes to Kremmling

photo by Kim Cameron
Rick and Laura Reliford with their children Robin and Riley.

For the past two years, during his daughter’s nap time, Rick Reliford has been dreaming about his future business. His dreams and plans are now coming to fruition.

Reliford took possession of the Rocky Mountain Bar and Grill earlier this week, and it will be business as normal for the Rocky through Kremmling Days. Then Reliford hopes to start the transition to his new business, the Grand Adventure Brewing Company, which he refers to as GABCo.

Within 90 days, Reliford hopes to have GABCo converted to the nano- brewery with its five-barrel system, but the initial changes will be more subtle with a new sign at the end of June and then additions to the menu.

“We are introducing a Colorado Rustic menu,” said the brewing entrepreneur, “We will keep many of the items on the menu, but we will also be adding new menu items with wild game and BBQ.”

The décor of the Grand Adventures Brewing Company will also capitalize on the traditional aspects of the former Rocky with its wild game mounts but will highlight more sports and recreation with the addition of paddles and other items.

“We hope the brewing company

Reliford an outdoor enthusiast himself who enjoys kayaking, hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Reliford and his wife are natives of Central Illinois and Minnesota respectively and met each other while skiing in Colorado.

“We love the winters here and the mountain snow” said Reliford whose wife, Laura, will continue to be an airline stewardess for Skywest. They currently have a daughter, Robin who is two years old, and a son, Riley who will turn one in July.

Of their business, Reliford says, “We saw an opportunity in the community for the brewery and an opportunity to be able to give something back.”

Reliford hopes to have regular charitable dinners for non-profits in the community. Reliford will also be adding four additional staff members to his current staff of 16.

To begin the steps of his business, Reliford took a class with the Small Business Development Center and worked with Grand Enterprise Initiative with Patrick Brower. Through these efforts, Reliford was able to receive some funding from Northwest Colorado Council of Government for economic development which was contingent on providing at least four other jobs.

Reliford’s has worked for the Dillon Dam Brewery for the last decade and managed and brewed at the end. “My co-workers were very supportive of this endeavor,” Reliford said of their confidence boosting statements such as, “You know all parts of the operation of the brewery system. If anyone can do it. You can.”

Reliford says, “We are appreciative of everyone in town that helped to bring this to life. All of the support, positive feedback and networking that everyone has provided.”

He looks forward to working with the community in the future and closed with, “Let’s get outside, have some fun, make some great food and brew some awesome beer!”