A “Black Lives Matter” and a “Trump 2020” demonstration occurred on opposite corners of Highway 9 and 40 today in Kremmling, Colorado


The Black Lives Matter group included a former Captain in the United States Army who began serving in 1984. Another member in the group had an uncle who was a victim of police brutality and died. The Trump 2020 demonstrators were mostly idealistic teens who believe in their country and their flag. They cheered at semi-trucks, encouraging them to blare their horns, and they waved signs that said honk for Trump.When the demonstration began it was only the Black Lives Matter group and a Grand County Sheriff’s deputy high-fived each member of the group in solidarity and support. As time progressed, a Kum & Go employee bought each Black Lives Matter demonstrator a Kum & Go gift card as a thank you.Both groups received honks, thumbs-up, and signs of encouragement and solidarity. Some people shook their heads no, some reacted with neutral friendliness, others ignored the groups completely.

Some yelled (and for the record, neither group could tell if what was being yelled was an insult or in support – it was just a muffled sound that was carried away with the wind).Some passing by flipped-off the demonstrating groups. Some even came by AGAIN to make sure everyone saw their middle finger raised in defiance.One thing is certain, if you stand on a street corner with a group holding Black Lives Matter and Trump 2020 signs you will see people react, and you will see the BEST and WORST of humanity.

Fortunately, this is America, and everything that happened today was protected by the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. And we shouldn’t take for granted that a Kremmling police officer watched quietly from the background to make sure everyone was safe and protected. This is also a gift of being in a small, rural American town.We also need to commend the young men holding Trump 2020 signs who crossed the street at the end of the demonstration to meet the Black Lives Matter group. They showed an emerging willingness to see another’s viewpoint and share their own. All in all, remember that in these times, kindness matters and that what we are demonstrating for may have common ground if we look for it.