Aces High Waste and Recycle to take over trash services


Kremmling’s 2019 will begin with a new trash company, Aces High Waste and Recycle, based out of Steamboat Springs.

Aces High is transitioning services and will be ready to begin services on January 1. Aces High will pick-up residential garbage on Monday and commercial garbage on Mondays and Fridays.

The Kremmling area will still be under the Trash Company’s contract until January 1, 2019, and the Trash Company will gradually pick-up their garbage cans and dumpsters throughout the first weeks of January. The Trash Company hopes to pick-up containers soon after its last garbage collection and asks that customers leave the containers curbside to be picked-up.

According to Joe O’Brien, Aces High general manager, “We will be distributing all the garbage cans the week of Christmas. Our service will begin January 1. You will see our trucks around Kremmling just in case someone has one of our garbage cans out and to learn the route.”

O’Brien explained of their aggressive pick-up schedule, “Our new truck we purchased is capable of doing both residential and commercial. The trucks that we operate can pick up approximately 325 homes before packing out at a rate of 75-100 homes per hour. It can also pick up 16-20 commercial cans per hour packing out around 60 cans so we should have no problems completing the routes as described. We will not have that efficiency level to start, and we want to make sure we provide great service so you will see two trucks per collection day until we reach that level. We are also prepared to add a third day if necessary, but I really don’t think we are going to need to do that.”

Aces High’s current focus will be Kremmling, but it will be offering a drop-off dumpster for Big Horn Park and Old Park.

At this time, Aces High will not be offering curbside recycling, but with enough customer interest it could be an option in the future.

For now, Aces High will be offering two Saturdays a month of supervised recycling from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Saturdays will be the 2nd and the 4th Saturday of each month. Place is TBD. The cost is $3.00 per bag.

The supervised recycling and cost will guarantee more items actually make it to recycling. “Our current plan is to have one of our trucks there to take the sorted materials, compact it and haul it back to Steamboat to be sorted and sent to the recycling center.” Aces High also operates an industrial recycling center and can handle bigger items.

O’Brien states that even though Kremmling residents will lose some of their flexibility and will no longer be able to drop recyclable off during the week, Aces High will provide recycling education and help assure the items are actually making it to recycling.

“If it is not monitored, recycling often has to go the landfill because of contamination. It only takes 10-15% of contamination, and it can’t be recycled,” said O’Brien.

Aces High will also be offering a roll-off one of these Saturdays for bigger items such as couches and mattresses. These will be pay as you go and Aces High will be posting costs for each item on its website.

This service is what set Aces High apart from other trash bids according to Interim-Town Manager Rhonda Shearer.

“Clean-up days for Kremmling have not been working for Kremmling and we wanted a new system. We asked trash companies to bid a Saturday pick-up for larger items, and Aces High was the only company willing to provide this service,” said Shearer.

Shearer also noted residents’ trash fees will remain the same this year.
“We are still working out some of the logistics such as where the Saturday collection site will be and if billing will be invoiced by address or customer name, but these will get worked out within the first month,” Shearer explained.

Aces High has future plans to store its trash truck in Kremmling so it does not have to haul over Rabbit Ears Pass. Kremmling’s trash will mainly be hauled to the landfill in Keystone, but some may find its way back to Steamboat. Aces High has operated since 2001 and primarily serviced Routt County and parts of Moffat County. For 2019, they were also awarded the trash contract for Hayden. In addition to trash collection, they also offer construction roll-offs and porta-potties, but for now O’Brien emphasizes their focus in Kremmling is on trash collection.

“Our goal is to make sure we provide the Town of Kremmling excellent service and that we are really dialed in for service with residential and commercial before we begin branching out throughout the county and other areas.”

Aces High offers consistent pick-up on Mondays and Fridays, but if a Major Holiday is on a Monday your trash service will be moved to Wednesday, if major holiday on a Friday, moved to saturday. We will also be posting these notices in the Newspaper, Our Website and on our Social Media. O’Brien says if there is ever a delay, customers can refer to their webpage, www.aceshighsteamboat. com , he also encourages customers to follow them on Facebook and Instagram at Aces High Waste & Recycle, Royal Flush Portable Sanitation Services. For questions, he directs you to their customer service representative, Pamela at 970-870-6500.

“We are really looking forward to knocking it out of the park for you guys,” says O’Brien