Al White Withdraws from SD8 race


Al White announced Wednesday that he is withdrawing from the Senate District 8 race.  White cited a lack of funding as the reason driving his decision: 

“Having a “U” behind my name instead of an “R” was a nonstarter for many of my former funders. I set a timeline with some specific funding goals for myself at the outset.  After six weeks I was so far off those goals it became apparent to me I would not, in the long run, reach an adequate level of funding to run a viable campaign.  I will be returning all contributions received.   Also, I do not want to split the broad base of support across the district in regards to removing Randy Baumgardner from office.

Voters deserve better than their current representation. We need someone who will show up and fight for the values of the Western Slope, not toe the line for extreme far-right special interests. I have met with Emily Tracy and we agree on a lot of the issues. I think she would be a strong champion for the people of the district and bring a moderate voice to the state capitol. My wife Jean and I will be supporting her, and encourage all independent minded voters to do the same.”