Author John DiGirolamo to speak at local Grand County
churches about human trafficking this weekend


by Susan Michaud

John DiGirolamo is a critically acclaimed author, speaker, and anti-human trafficking advocate who wrote his latest book, “It’s Not About Sex,” because he believes that human trafficking is one of the most underreported issues of our day and cuts across all economic, social, racial, and political boundaries. DiGirolamo explains, “I wrote this book to bring light on what I consider one of the most evil things someone can force on another human being.

John DiGirolamo

“Before writing this book, I was peripherally aware of human trafficking, believing it only occurred on our country’s border or in large cities. The various circumstances detailed are based on real-life experiences and are all too common. Unfortunately, human trafficking is pervasive throughout this country and throughout the world.

“I decided to tell stories which occurred primarily in rural and suburban America because many people are surprised to find out it exists in idyllic small towns and ‘nice’ communities as well as larger cities,” DiGirolamo continued. “The personal accounts in this book are based on actual events and haven’t been over-sensationalized to make the stories more interesting. They do, however, provide an authentic glimpse into the evil hiding in plain sight within our neighborhoods.

“Just as important as the stories, are tips I’ve included so [readers] can help stop human trafficking if [they] feel motivated to do so. It is well within our capacity to inform others about human trafficking, call authorities when we observe something that looks suspicious, or volunteer in our communities.”
DiGirolamo emphasizes that “the stories in the book are not salacious or graphic, but they do accurately describe the horrors of human trafficking. The book reads like a fast-paced fiction novel.” The stories profile different perspectives: an advocate, a law enforcement officer, a survivor, and a brothel madam. The last chapter details what ordinary people can do and tips for parents.

Breahannah Leary, a survivor of human sex trafficking, gave this testimonial about the book, “Bringing awareness to the public, the book is a must-read for everyone. From the beautiful suburbs to small country towns, the stories accurately portray the horrors of human trafficking happening right under our noses.”
In addition to talking about human trafficking and the stories in the book, a large portion of DiGirolamo’s presentation this weekend will teach parents about online safety and the tactics predators use to target teens.
Topics include:

  • How predators approach teens on-line
  • Tips for parents and ways to protect your child
  • Is social media safe?
  • What an undercover police officer wants parents to know
  • What to do if you suspect trafficking behavior
  • Human trafficking: misperceptions vs. reality
  • How does someone get trapped in human trafficking
    -How a survivor perseveres through adversity
  • Discussion of the 4 chapters profiled in the book and their specific stories of being trafficked
    John’s book can be found at his website, or on Amazon.
    John will be speaking Saturday, August 6, at 9 a.m. at the Winter Park Christian Church, 274 Ponderosa Trail in Tabernash and again on Sunday, August 7 at Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church, 300 11th Street, Granby, after Mass at approximately 10:45 a.m.