Changes in Fireworks Location


Breaking news – After 40 years of fireworks off the main cliffs of Kremmling, there will be a new location for the Fire Up the Cliffs show.
The fireworks’ launch site has been moved to the furthest westward point on the cliffs that can be seen directly behind the Rocky Mountain Bar and Grill. This makes the Town Square a perfect viewing spot.

The fireworks show has been moved from its original spot by the Bureau of Land Management in attempts to protect golden eagles who have nested approximately400 feet from the fireworks’ launch site.
Owner of Fire Up the Sky, Ken Wilkinson, doesn’t necessarily agree with the decision to move the fireworks, but believes the show will still be spectactular. He reminds everyone that a 16 inch firework will be launched at the beginning of the show.

Wilkinson wants to warn everyone that normally view the fireworks from their homes in Kremmling Country or the schools that the viewing may be better in the Town Square. Fireworks will be on July 4 at dark. For more information about the firework show call Wilkinson at 970-406-1083.