Doris McCallie retires after 32 years


by Marissa Lorenz
August 28 will see the retirement of Doris McCallie, long-time familiar face and treasurer at the Town of Kremmling, after 32 years of service to Kremmling and its residents.

Doris is as close to a Kremmling native as a non-native can come.

At the age of two, she moved here from Kentucky with her parents, Jessie and Earl McLimore, and
two siblings. Three other siblings were born in Kremmling.

Early in her adult life, she found herself a single mom to three children and working for a local CPA. That mentor took over the utility billing for the Town and offered Doris the opportunity to do the work. When the Town was looking to hire a deputy town clerk to do the same thing, Doris was encouraged to apply. “You’re a shoe-in,” her mentor told her. And she was. Doris recalls that she didn’t even have to interview for the job.

Over the years, Doris’ job responsibilities increased to payroll and other finance-related tasks. Eventually, the position became that of Town Treasurer.

She recalls that, when she started, she knew almost everyone in town and enjoyed visiting with them when they came into the Town Hall to pay their water bill. Later, she was moved to a back office, and she says she really missed that face-to-face interaction with residents. Now she recognizes names, but not always faces.

Doris considered retiring a few years ago when her husband of 18 years, Steve, became ill. She recalls all the joy the two shared and how their combined families became one. “I thought I’d retire and have more time to help care for him,” she explains. “I would have liked many more years with him.” But Steve worried for her financial security, so she stayed on for a few more years.

Today, Doris smiles and remarks that she is “really excited for retirement.” She is staying in Kremmling for now, where she helps to care for her 90-year-old father who has returned to Kremmling and now lives down the street. But like many long-time residents, she’s tiring of the winters and isn’t sure if this is where she’ll stay. She is considering Greeley, where two of her daughters live with six grandchildren she doesn’t see as much as she’d like (and who can help shovel in the winter!).

Doris shares that she loves to sew and read and do crafts and jig-saw puzzles and is looking

forward to doing more of that. She had planned a cruise in July with a good friend she’s had since the age of 5, but had to cancel those plans. But she hopes for the opportunity for future travel and says that she would really like to see the fall colors in the northeast and travel through the southern states as well.

As an extra point of interest, Doris retires from the Town of Kremmling the same day her brother Dave McLimore will retire from a career at Northern Water.

The Town is still in the process of hiring a new finance director/treasurer. Interest is reported to have been high, but Town Manager Dan Stoltman says, “Being a public servant is no easy task, and to do it for 32 years just shows how dedicated Doris is to this organization and the community we serve. She will not be easy to replace.”

Thanks to Doris McCallie for all the time and dedication she has put into making Kremmling more than just another place to live, but in making it a community to share and enjoy.