by Braun Horner

Saturday, September the 17th of 2022. The evening was calm at Tundra Springs, just outside and overlooking Hot Sulphur Springs. The new Grand County venue has outstanding views and generous owners, Barry and Anita Johnson, who attended the event. The event was organized and led by realtors Nancy DuLAc and Erin Life.

photos by Braun Horner – Fundraiser organizers and Linke supporters Nancy DuLac and Erin Life.

“I would like to say that this whole thing was only a little idea at first. And I happened to sit down at a table with Dave Sammons and SHawn Moats one afternoon at Dean West. I told them I was tossing the idea around of doing a fundraiser for Tel. They both said that they were in. And both committed to amounts that made me realize that this event was really possible.” Nancy DuLac said of the original idea behind the fundraiser. “If I had that much support through one conversation, how could I not follow through? 

photo by Braun Horner – The attendees enjoyed the many donated auction and raffle items.

There were many supporters, volunteers, sponsors, friends, and family in attendance at the fundraiser. The evening consisted of Tundra Springs property tours, live music, supper, and an auction and raffle auctioneered by Toft Porter to cap off the night. Friends and family of Tel gathered in unity and support and to show that Grand County is a community dedicated to helping each other. 

The event raised over $100,000, through live and silent auctions, raffles, seat and table purchases, donations, and over 100 items for raffle and auction. Nancy went on to say that “ Little did I know what it takes to put an event like this together, and I’m glad I didn’t at first to be honest. But here we are. It’s over and wildly successful. I had this crazy goal of raising $100k and we did it! When the first pie sold for $250, I thought to myself, holy cow, we’re going to do it.”

photo by Braun Horner – Ali Greyson started the night off with music.

“I feel like this event was a testament to our county and community. Both in bids that night, and donations that poured in.” Nancy DuLac. It was a fun filled evening full of drinks, food, and community. The Linke family has a strong support family in Grand County. All proceeds will go to the family of Tel Linke for any and all support he made.