Fishing with Bernie


    Grand Lake – Travel conditions are still slushy in some areas but improving. Fishing for rainbows and browns has been fair for the first hour of daylight in 6-10’ of water. Once the bite slows, it’s time to bump out deeper to stay on fish. Ice flies, marabou jigs, and microtubes have been working well, tip with a wax worm or butter worm to entice finicky fish. Lake trout action has been slow to fair depending on the day. We are seeing increasing numbers of suspended fish but finding the majority still working the bottom in 40-85’ of water. Using electronics to locate fish has been key; once you find them they are biting a variety of baits such as glow grubs, tungsten jigs with silkie, tubes, flutter spoons, and hair jigs. Add a small piece of sucker and pay close attention to detect the light bites. 

    Dan Shannon, Guide Fishing with Bernie.

    Williams Fork – The water level is 44%. Recent snow has made movement on the lake tougher with snow and slush in some areas. Lake trout can be found in 50 to 70 feet of water on the bottom. Small tungsten heads tipped with sucker meat have been producing a lot of fish. Moving around on structure in these depths has been the key to finding and catching lake trout. Fishing for rainbows and kokanee has been slow as the lake is not being stocked right now due to gill lice.

    Fishing with Bernie Guide, Sam Hochevar

    Lake Granby – The water level is 82%. Travel conditions continue to improve, but there are still some large slush pockets to contend with. Fishing has been fair for rainbows and browns. The key is to fish early and late, then locate the rocky shorelines that hold active fish. Microtubes, small spoons, and ice flies in pink or white have been the most consistent. Lake trout action has been fair, finding the most active fish in 40-70’. Jigs tipped with a dark natural colored tube or grub and a small piece of fresh sucker have been producing, but keep a glow tube or grub or blade bait handy for when the bite slows to change it up and entice a few extra bites. 

    Fishing with Bernie Guide, Dan ShannonThe Fishing with Bernie team has been guiding in Grand County for over 25 years. For more info please check out, or our Instagram pages