Fishing with Bernie 9.12.2022


Grand Lake – Water temps are starting to come down a bit, but fishing still remains slow to fair for all species. For the best action on rainbow and brown trout target the inlet areas and rocky shoreline by the town docks. A small silver/pink spinner or spoon, or a hopper imitation fly has been most consistent when worked parallel to the shoreline or in the moving water of the inlet. Lake trout action has been picking up lately as the water cools. Best action has been first thing in the morning in 50-70’ of water with small tube jigs and jigging spoons tipped with a fresh, small piece of sucker. Pay close attention as the bites are light but they are there. Look for lake trout action to pick up as the water continues to cool.

Williams Fork – The new ramp hours are 7AM to 7PM. Water capacity is at 81%, 13 feet low. In flow is 40 cfs out flow is 240 cfs. The surface temp early AM has been steady near 64 degrees warming to 67+ on calm days. The Lake Trout bite is good on Juvenile fish. By late morning seasoned anglers can easily catch their limit. Look for them in 75 to 90 feet of water. Small grubs or tubes tipped with sucker meat fished tight to the bottom is producing bites. The bite is light and fast so one must remain focused on the rod tip. When the bite drops off move to a new spot, which sometimes is only a few boat lengths away. If you see a single fish on the screen stop and drop, there are more in the area. Large Lake Trout are few and far between until the water cools. Northern Pike fishing is slow, but I’m seeing follows nearly every time I fish them with an occasional catch. Young Northern’s can be found close to the shoreline. Trophy class fish are hanging out in deeper water moving into shallower water late PM. The best time to fish Northern’s is early AM, late PM and overcast breezy days. On calm days with blue skies be prepared for a lot of casting with minimal result. I’ve seen a few Brown Trout being caught in the inlet early AM in shallow water. Rainbow and Kokanee fishing is slow due to low population. Fishing with Bernie Guide – Randy H

Lake Granby – Ramp hours are 6a-6pm. Water temps have come down and are currently in the mid 60’s. Fishing is starting to pick up as the water cool. Rainbow trout and brown trout action has been fair, with trollers reporting success in 10-20’ of water with pop gear or dodger and spinner tipped with a worm or pulling around crankbaits. For shore anglers and those casting, an erratically worked crank bait or tube jig in the transition areas between mud and rock has been producing. Lake trout action is slow but picking up. Downsize your presentation and slow down the jigging cadence, have to pay close attention to detect those light bites. Small dark colored tube jigs or grubs tipped with a piece of sucker has been working most days. Look in 60-80’ of water and use those electronics to find the fish, then don’t be afraid to move if they aren’t biting, as some days it’s taking several spots to find the active fish. Fall is rapidly approaching and the bite should be picking up as the water cools and leaves start to change! Fishing with Bernie Guide – Dan Shannon

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