Granby Elementary School wins National Showcase schools for the Capturing Kid’s Hearts Award


For the 2019-2020 school year, two hundred and eighty-five school campuses were nominated as National Showcase schools for the Capturing Kid’s Hearts (CKH) program, including seventeen from Colorado.  Of those nominated, Granby Elementary School (GES) has the distinct honor of being named a National Showcase School winner.Granby Elementary is in its third year implementing the Capturing Kids Hearts program.  During the 2018-2019 school year, they were nominated for the same award but fell short of winning. They took constructive feedback from CKH visitors during the in-school evaluation process, and succeeded this school year in strengthening their program.  During the CKH team’s visit this year, they said that the positive energy and welcoming tone at GES was evident from the moment they arrived.

“Our team’s hard work and persistence paid off in achieving the goal of becoming a CKH National Showcase School,” said GES principal Kelly Martin.  “The CKH evaluation team said that our GES school family has created an outstanding environment for students and staff to learn and grow together.  We are so excited, and hope to empower others with the skills and processes we have learned.” In a congratulatory video, Flip Flippen, New York Times best-selling author and chairman of the organization that created the Capturing Kid’s Hearts program, congratulated GES for creating a culture of caring that encourages their students to succeed, and for rising to the virtual learning challenges created by COVID-19.  “You’ve created a culture of caring critical in the lives of students,” Flippen said.  “Never before have teachers been more important in the lives of a student than they are today, and for that matter in the lives of the parents.” 

The Capturing Kid’s Hearts award gives GES national recognition.  As schools all around the country are considering implementing the CKH program, GES will be an example for them to learn from.