Grand County 2022 candidates

photo by Kim Cameron
Grand County has two candidates with state aspirations. Current commissioner Rich Cimino is vying for the Senate District 8 seat while David Buckley is running for the House District 13 seat. Cimino faces Eagle county resident, Matt Solomon in the Republican race. The Republican victor will then be placed on the November ballot against Democratic candidate Dylan Roberts. If Cimino, wins the Senate seat, his Commissioner seat will become appointed.
Buckley does not have a Republican opponent but will face Democratic candidate, Julie McCluskie of Dillon, Colorado.
photo by Kim Cameron
Grand County Clerk and Recorder Sara Rosene was thanked at the Grand County Republican Assembly for over 3 decades of service. Jolene Linke was nominated from the floor of the assembly to run as the Republican candidate for the Grand County Clerk and Recorder.
At the Democratic Assembly, Abigail Loberg declared for the Grand County Clerk and Recorder position while Curtis Brown shared his intent to run for the District 3 Commissioner position.

District 3 County Commissioner – Randy George (R) Curtis Brown (D)
Clerk and Recorder – Jolene Linke (R) Abigail Loberg (D)
Treasurer – Frank DeLay (R)
Assessor – Tom Weydert (R)
Sheriff – Brett Schroetlin (R), Aaron Martin (R) , Melissa Peters (U)
Surveyor – Warren Ward (R)
Coroner – no candidate has declared
District 8 Senate – Rich Cimino
District 13 House Representative- David Buckley