Grand Gazette celebrating 6th year with community support | Open invite to contribute


by Kim Cameron

The Grand Gazette is celebrating its sixth year this week. Like a child it is in its elementary years, it is still learning and growing. It was born from a love of community and as an off-shoot from discussions on how to create a stronger economy.

Through the efforts of a diverse group of people, Gary Bumgarner, Kim Cameron, Christine and Mark Mahorney, and Paula Ohri-Chamberlain, the first edition, an 8.5×14 legal sheet outlining each town candidate, was printed and distributed. The Grand Gazette officially drew its first breath.

From the beginning, the Grand Gazette was meant to be a community owned paper and Paula coined the battle cry of, “Our Community, Our News, Our Paper!” Goals were specific and focused on promoting Kremmling positively, creating a sense of community, promoting business and commerce, highlighting groups and individuals, and creating an informed citizenry.

We wanted to represent the whole community and encouraged others to contribute to the Grand Gazette. We reached out to groups and individuals. From birth announcements to obituaries, we wanted what was important to you. The most fulfilling papers were ones that highlighted submissions from all over the Kremmling community, and we just provided the lay-out and forum.

We learned things we never knew about Kremmling. We have had a windsurfing competition on Williams Fork for nearly 20 years each August, there are rowing competitions on Wolford, Kremmling is an oasis for bird watchers, we have a talented community of artisans….

We learned that our community is full of unsung heroes – those who champion causes for the good of Kremmling, those who work behind the scenes making sure events are successful and that Kremmling has services.

We found a new appreciation for those who serve on boards and found passionate people that believe in the library, the hospital, our town, our schools, and our kids.

We found the warriors that attend meetings, share what they know, and alert the Gazette when action is needed. So many of you have stamped your personality on the Gazette, and helped forge its identity – from the initial founders and advertisers to individuals such as Matt Veraldo, Cesar Baez, Larry Banman, Liz Banman, Vanessa Stiefel, Kim Bodemann, Trudy Hoesli, the late Nicki Rister, Linda Haynes, Karen Hammer, Dennis Carpenter, Rebecca Guthrie, Velda Pulliam, Jeff Miller, Tim Nicklas, Shelly McManus, Christy Parrott, Carl Fowler, Chalice Dozier, Cindy Hester, Mark McKimmy, Emmylou Harmon, Jeff King, and Mister V (yes, he is listed twice). We also have those that have been in the trenches with us proofreading, delivering and bookkeeping – Ronnie James, Debbie Lewis, Nina Wood, Peggy Colburn, Jennifer Bumgarner and the Cameron Family.

We are blessed to have those who unselfishly share their photos with us – Ellen Buras, Sally DiScullio, Mike Wilson, Penny Hamilton, Jim Yust, and ALL of you have submitted photos over the years. We love the unexpected thrill of finding someone has shared their photos with us.

With this in mind, the Gazette welcomes submissions at all times. Please share your stories, your accomplishments, your photos, and your concerns. The Gazette is OUR paper. If it is important to you, we will get it in. We are very submission friendly. You can email us at grandgazette@gmail. com, Facebook us, or even text Kim at 970-509-0547.

We rely on so many of you to get the news out each week, from our contributors to our printers and web designers, you are all VERY appreciated.

Thank you to all who continue to help the Grand Gazette and read us. It takes a village to create a community a paper.