Jason Bock new public works director


“The best part of my new job is knowing my customers and working for friends and family that I have known all my life,” says Kremmling’s new Public Works Director Jason Bock. “There are no downsides to this job.”

Jason’s selection as the Public Works Director can almost be deemed as fate.

Jason was born in Kremmling and attended the West Grand school system and graduated in 1992. Jason, and his younger brother Jeremy, were the third generation of Bocks to live in Kremmling.  Throughout their early years, the brothers gained an appreciation and love of Kremmling and learned valuable history lessons about the town’s water system from the ground-up.

The boys’ grandfather and father, Lloyd and Tim respectively, owned and operated Bock Construction.  They did the ground work for the water plant, the town’s reservoir and installed many water and sewer mains.

Jason also had a desire to serve others.  He served on the Kremmling Fire Protection District and currently serves as the Sanitation Board District president and is a deputy coroner.  In 2006, he became a town trustee for six years and only stepped down from the board to take a maintenance worker position for the town. “My Grandpa Lloyd was really really excited for me to take the job.  He thought I was born for it,” Jason said of a conversation he had with his grandpa three months before he passed away.

“I have been working into the position of Public Works Director for the last four years,” Jason explained of his time working for the town. The Public Works Director oversees the town’s streets, parks and is responsible for the water plant.

As a maintenance worker, Jason was involved in the water plant improvements and the process to make the water plant more effective, including the installation of the flocculators.  “It is a good water year and the water plant is working better than ever.  It is processing 789,000 gallons of water each day.”  Jason explained.  Jason currently holds a Class B water treatment license and a Class 1 distribution license to operate the treatment plant. His wide range of experiences as a town trustee and as an employee give him a unique perspective on management. “I want to be a working boss as much as time allows. I can run the equipment and plan to be involved in daily operations.”

Jason’s strong ties to the community are definitely an asset for Jason in his new position, and it also helps that his brother Jeremy is the Waste Water Superintendent.  The brothers work for completely different entities.  Jason is a town employee – Jeremy is a sanitation district employee, but they are literally responsible for the water coming and going. Jason is responsible for making sure the water is treated before it is used in the household, and Jeremy is responsible for making sure the water is treated after it is used in the household. “They are completely different systems, but we do work together,” said Jason who feels that Kremmling is moving in the right direction.

“I just love this place,” he said with the finality of one whose family has been committed to the town for three generations.