Kremmling Board seeks to help impacted restaurant workers


by Marissa Lorenz
The Kremmling Town Board voted to approve a Kremmling Small Business Relief program, creating a grant-like assistance for local businesses and employees being impacted by the most recent COVID-19 restrictions.

Mayor Grover Pryor and Town Manager Dan Stoltman raised the topic of using remaining Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds to support town residents. The Board had previously considered donating leftover funds to the Grand Foundation. “But we’re now thinking it’s a better idea to keep it in town,” stated Pryor.

“One of the major concerns is not just business losses but employees having to be laid off at this time,” explained Stoltman, noting that there is about $13,500 remaining from the allocated funds.

The Manager went on to confirm that it was primarily restaurants that were being impacted and proposed a tiered program for which both employees and businesses could apply. He suggested that individuals could qualify for $500 if they went from full-time employment to a full furlough, $250 if they went from full-time to half-time or half-time to a full furlough, and $125 if they went from part-time to being furloughed by half. He suggested a possible $1000 for qualifying business applicants.

“Could we approve this,” requested Council Chair Erik Woog, “pending verification that it doesn’t jeopardize anyone’s unemployment, just in the interest of moving forward?”

Board members voted unanimously in favor of the program, but details remain undecided until Stoltman researches the possible repercussions.

Grand County Board of County Commissioners donates $100k to Foundation

On Tuesday, the Grand County Board of County Commissioners committed another $100,000 to the Grand Foundation’s Small Business Assistance Fund for similar purposes.

They donated $100,000 as seed money for the fund at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, monies that are expected to be reimbursable through the CARES Act. They anticipate that at least half of the more recent donation will be reimbursed also, and are therefore dedicating $50,000, if necessary, from the County’s general fund.

“This is much needed support right now for our small businesses as they are struggling right now to keep afloat, especially the restaurants,” responded Grand Foundation Executive Director Megan Ledin upon learning of the donation.

“When we went through the first round of this fund, we supported over 422 businesses in Grand County to the tune of $547,382 in the areas of rent, mortgage and utility assistance,” she explains, going on to say that there remains about $3,000 that has been earmarked for utility assistance.

Previous business applications were capped at $6,000, but Ledin indicates that there were many more donors into the fund at that time and more funds available. She is as of yet uncertain as to how much applicants may qualify for
in this next round of assistance.