Kremmling Dental welcomes Dr. Marlor

Dr. Jeff Marlor and his wife Brittany, also a hygienist at Kremmling Dental, are all smiles. The couple also have a toddler son.
Dr. Jeff Marlor and his wife Brittany, also a hygienist at Kremmling Dental, are all smiles. The couple also have a toddler son.

by Christy Parrott
Around the age of sixteen, Dr. Jeff Marlor watched his church mentor barter dentistry work for fly fishing tackle with the owner of a local shop and realized, at that moment, the kind of life he wanted to lead. “He was doing good for the community,” Dr. Marlor describes of his friend. “They knew him, and he knew them.” Dr. Marlor appreciated the lifestyle his mentor lead, assisting the community while having time for fishing, hunting, and family.

Originally from Colorado, Dr. Marlor attended the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, where he met his wife, Brittany, who had been attending a dental hygienist school nearby. “She started after me and finished before m Dr. Marlor teases. With their young son, Clif, the Marlors decided to build a life in Kremmling, which not only fit Dr. Marlor’s dream of outdoor living and small-town values, but just happened to be the perfect midpoint between their two families: his in Colorado Spri and hers in Salt Lake City.

As the newest member of the Kremmling Dental team, Dr. Marlor has already made a positive impact. Longtime dentist, Dr. Andrew Burns says, “Dr. Marlor is a great fit for the community. He does high quality dentistry and has a great rapport with patients. I’m very pleased to have him serving our community.” Dental assistant Tempie Cirks agrees, “I really enjoy working for Dr. Marlor. He takes time to explain everything and addresses all patient concerns.”

Dr. Marlor echoes his fellow team’s sentiments, impressed with the work ethic and camaraderie a small town office can capture. Dr. Marlor affirms, “Patients won’t be pushed through here. We develop treatment plans to ensure individual needs are met.”

Treatment includes comprehensive dentistry, with the latest technology and procedures including implants and digital x-rays, according to Dr. Marlor, who also shares that Kremmling’s own Tempie Cirks is a very skilled dental assistant who helps the patients feel comfortable while receiving treatment. Additionally, Kremmling Dental offers nitrous treatment for relaxation during any procedure. “My focus is on quality. I know a patient’s time is important, and I also want to take time to get to know them, make them feel comfortable, so that each patient understands our practice is a place of value and respect,” Dr. Marlor assures.

Dr. Marlor hopes to transform his patient’s overall wellbeing. “You can gain tremendous self-confidence just from improved oral health,” he explains. As a father, Dr. Marlor encourages new parents to bring in their children as early as one year of age. “I want to break the concept that losing teeth is a part of one’s destiny,” he says. Dr. Marlor’s also working to ensure he consistently provides the most up-to-date treatments possible: “There’s so much to learn in dentistry. I never want to stop learning.”

Dr. Marlor plans far exceed the dental standard of 30 credit hours due every two years, insisting, “My goal is to complete one hundred hours per year. I want to be on top of everything.”

Because Kremmling Dental isn’t a corporate-owned office jammed in the middle of a strip mall, patients receive personalized care while also saving time and reducing costs. Cirks says, “We finally have a dentist in the office three days a week, and that’s something our little town needs.”

Office Manager, Julie Thomas assures, “Dr. Marlor is such a friendly person, and he puts patients at ease. Our clientele has really grown simply by word of mouth.”

Thomas suggests scheduling an appointment on a Friday, because the office’s unofficial “Fishy Friday” usually finds Dr. Marlor wearing khaki pants embroidered with fish. “I really love fishing,” Dr. Marlor laughs.

To schedule an appointment, call 970-724-3737.