Kremmling welcomes a Sportsman’s Paradise


Sportsman’s paradise, aptly describes the newest business in Kremmling, CO. Orville Volz the owner of the gunsmithing and repair shop will offer a special niche for hunters and outdoorsmen.

Orville’s businesses, Sportsman’s Paradise Gunsmithing, LLC and Sportsman’s Paradise Repair Shop, LLC will provide taxidermy and tanning, gunsmithing, archery technician services, and rod and reel repairs. Both his businesses will be housed at 1605 Park Avenue on Highway 40, but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) required that his gunsmithing business be its own business to be ATF compliant and to obtain Federal Firearms Licensing which should be approved by next month.

His unique business model will keep him busy beyond the traditional hunting season, but Orville is no stranger to being busy.

Orville grew up in the southeast corner in Nebraska, and after spending 20 years in the army and retiring, he and his wife, Rachel, relocated to Colorado.

“We wanted to live in a small town with our children, and we enjoy hiking – Kremmling was perfect for us,” Volz said of the decision to make Kremmling their new home, with their two children Jordan, a sophomore in high school, and Samantha, a recent college graduate.

After relocating to Colorado, Orville spent time as an over-the-road trucker and eventually decided to further his education for his new profession. He attended three schools over the next two years – the Colorado School of Trades for gunsmithing, PSE Archery to be technically certified, and the Montana School of Taxidermy.

“I like being in the shop,” Orville said of his well-organized 220 square foot building, “I find working with my hands enjoying and relaxing.” Orville especially enjoys the work and concentration involved in gunsmithing. He offers gun cleaning, general repairs and restoration with the exception of bluing. In the future, he hopes to have a mill and lathe for custom rebuilds on guns.

Orville also enjoys the process of taxidermy and tanning, and found he especially likes mounting birds. In addition to birds, he will be able to mount fish and big animals, and tan hides. His process will include organic chemicals and a static tank. “The most dangerous chemicals I have in the shop are actually the CLP for gun cleaning,” he admits ironically. He also says his process will be fairly odor free because he will utilize a freezer to keep the hides and mounts fresh.

“My shop should eventually take on the smell of the leather,” he says of his 220 square foot building. Orville hopes that his immediate clientele is local and that his business spreads word of mouth from there. He also hopes his business will become a family based business.

Rachel already does the bookkeeping for him, and he hopes that his son will join him. Orville’s business hours will be Tuesday – Saturday, 9 am-5 pm. He can be contacted at 719-651-1873.