Kurtis Charles Edson: Obituary


Kurtis Charles Edson, 46, passed away on January 9th, 2023.  Kurt, or Kurtie, as he was affectionately known to his family and close friends, was born on August 6th,1976, to the proudest of parents, Bob and Patty Edson, whom he loved so dearly, in Fenton, Michigan.  He spent his early years in Fountain, Colorado. When Kurt was in 2nd grade, his family moved to Kremmling, Colorado where his heart was finally home and he began many lifelong friendships. His family would then move to Wisconsin when he was in high school, but he always longed to be back in his mountains.

Kurt came back to his Colorado mountains on vacation when he was 22 and met the love of his life. Within 3 months of meeting, Kurt and Taryn married on February 19,1999.

From the moment they met, they were inseparable. Building their life together, they created their favorite people in the world – their children, Jayden, Levi, Kai, and Vivian. 

Family was first and foremost in Kurt’s life. He was devoted to Taryn, and his children. He was the most loving, attentive, and caring husband and was born to be a father. He was happiest when he was spending time with his wife and children. Whether it be teaching his children how to build something, solve a problem, or cheering them on at their many activities.   

He was determined to share his love of the outdoors in the mountains; building a fire, camping, plinking, paddleboarding, or 4-wheeling with his children, and always enjoying his passions with those he loved most.

He loved to create special memories, was always ready to go to a concert, or go on an adventure of any kind, constantly laughing, making jokes, and spending time with his favorite friends. He counted it as one of his many blessings to be able to mentor those in the community, either in his trade or through the Robotics program. He cared very deeply for those that he took under his enormous wings. 

His faith was important to him, and being the strong and loving head of his household he led his family in that too.  Kurt was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses on June 20, 1992.

Kurt loved to be known as the “baby whisperer”, and was deeply content whenever he had a baby in his arms.  Babies instantly cooed and smiled at him, and he had a knack for being able to soothe any fussy baby and get them to sleep.

Kurt was a friend to many and loved to take care of people.  He had an innate ability to see what people needed and could always be relied on to be there in their time of need.  

He was rarely seen without a smile on his face, a tool in his hand, or without his trusty bluetooth headset. He learned his phenomenal work ethic from his parents and the relationship he shared with his dad was one of his most treasured friendships.  Like his dad, he prided himself on quality craftsmanship and a job well done, the first time.  He took great joy in his work as a general contractor, it allowed him to use his many skills creatively and he loved the challenge of figuring out complex issues.  

He loved being a part of the Kremmling community and the West Grand family.  He was selfless in his time that he gave, and was usually the first person to volunteer and the last person to leave. He did it all willingly, with a servant’s heart, as his love for his friends and community ran almost as deep as his love for his family. He would often travel across the state to get the opportunity to cheer on any West Grand teams who were competing and yell his famous chant, “Hit Somebody!”

Kurt is survived by his best friend and devoted wife Taryn, and their four exceptional children, Jayden, Levi, Kai, and Vivian; by his adoring parents, Bob and Patty Edson;  grandfathers Chuck Edson and David Escalante; mother in law Valerie Stagner; father in law Terry (Sandi) Hastings; father in law Brad (Christel) Bradley; sister Toscha (Erich) Vozzella;  brothers Tracy (Carrie) Bradley and Butch (Jolie) Bradley; sisters Tiffany and Brittany Brown; many aunts and uncles; nieces and nephews; cousins; a countless number of friends and a community that loved him.  He was preceded in death by his grandmother Joanne Edson; grandmother Edna Escalante;  aunt Sherryl Leff, aunt Dusty Edson Segars; niece Vadah Lynne Brown.