Local cartoonist releases new graphic novel about marijuana

The new book by Grand County cartoonist Mister V.
The new book by Grand County cartoonist Mister V.

8th Wonder Press is proud to offer the latest graphic novel by Colorado cartoonist Mister V, Mile High: Adventures in Colorado Medical Marijuana.

Mile High tells the true story of Mister V’s lifelong struggle with painful health issues. After traditional medicine fails him, he discovers a miraculous cure: marijuana. He has medicine now, but as his health improves, his relationships with his family and friends suffer. “Marijuana is a polarizing issue that tends to leave people with an extremely ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ sentiment,” said Mister V.

“My intention in sharing my experiences was to show both sides of this debate have valid arguments: marijuana has the potential to do great good, and it also has the potential to do great harm.”

Set in the early days of Colorado’s medical marijuana legalization, this examination of the industry is an earnest memoir and a document of a time in Colorado history when the marijuana industry was beset by loose regulations, sketchy characters, and unknown product. “Not only is it a wickedly funny narrative, but it’s a snapshot of an important time that deserves to be documented,” 8th Wonder Press President Jesse Dubin says. “The historian in me felt my experiences as a medical marijuana patient would be beneficial to future generations,” Mister V explains.

“Colorado was one of the first states to decriminalize, and then legalize marijuana, but this process was not without tremendous growing pains. The outrageous scenarios I experienced in Colorado’s marijuana industry needed to be preserved for posterity.”

After a decade of self-publishing, Mile High marks the first time Mister V has partnered with a publisher. Mister V said, “8th Wonder Press cares about graphic storytelling, and I saw evidence of this in every step of the creative process. They provided astute edits and insights that helped make this story the best it could possibly be. Frankly, the print version of this book is gorgeous. I couldn’t be prouder of it. I’m thankful to have worked with them on this.”

“Mister V’s comics are full of energy and ideas. Reading his strips, it’s obvious from the first panel that he loves what he’s doing. They manage to be fun, sad, and engaging all at the same time,” said New York Times Best-Selling Author Jeff Lemire. The Comics Journal critic Rob Clough says “This book isn’t necessarily an argument for marijuana’s legalization per se, but rather it’s a personal account of the way it’s improved his life and the ridiculous bureaucracy he had to wade through in order to get there.”

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Mile High is now available for purchase.

It can be bought locally at Westside 40 in Granby, or online at https://www.amazon.com/Mile-High-Adventures-Colorado-Marijuana/dp/0989384349.