Mail thefts occur in Blue Valley Acres


By Matt Kroschel of CBS4

photo by Veronica James

Local and federal authorities are working together to catch thieves targeting mailboxes in rural Summit and Grand Counties.

“I feel a little bit vulnerable,” said mail theft victim Brenda Kellen.

CBS4 has learned several credit cards were used at the Walmart in Frisco on the same day mail was stolen from a community mailbox in the Blue Valley Acres neighborhood outside of Kremmling. More reports of missing mail were filed in nearby Heeney, Colorado.

“I was waiting on a new credit card that I had just gotten and it didn’t show up so I called the credit card company and they were able to track and see that it had been attempted to be used at a Walmart and a few different spots. They had been denied because it hadn’t been activated properly,” said Kellen.

The recent rash of mail thefts has the U.S. Postal Inspector, along with local sheriff investigators, trying to find out who is responsible.

Grand County Sheriff public information officer, Lieutenant Daniel Mayer commented that mail theft is a federal crime, but the sheriff’s office is involved to help victims in case of identify theft and other issues related to the mail being stolen. However, this has been predominantly a Summit County investigation so far. Warnings are going out to other nearby neighborhoods, and people are being asked to take precautions to keep from becoming a victim. Postal officials say you can purchase a locking mailbox to replace a traditional mailbox.

“We do advise customers in situations like this to work together, help your neighbor out,” said Postal Inspector Eric Manuel.

“Often in these types of neighborhoods, people know what vehicles look out of place. So if you see something suspicious, report it to the local office.”

Lieutenant Mayer commented that tips have been received to help identify the vehicle that may have been used during the thefts.

The postal officials also suggest checking your mail at least once a day, and to track your mail online if you are expecting something of value