National Hispanic Heritage Month – GCLD’s Got You Covered!


By Tallie Gray, Director of Library Resources

In the spirit of celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, I wanted to write this article in Spanish. Yet the months I spent in both Colombia and in Spain in the early 1990’s, just after President Reagan expanded President Johnson’s week-long celebration to the current 30-day Hispanic Heritage Month, did not make me close to being fluent in the language.

It’s a good thing I work for Grand County Library District (GCLD). I enjoy sharing news about our resources, in this case, those that can help patrons celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures, and the histories of United States citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

photo by AtoZ Food of America
To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, try making these Bizcochitos using the recipe found on GCLD’s online resource, AtoZ Food America database.

I need to start checking out more of the bilingual and Spanish books, Launchpads, and read-along books I have ordered over the last few years. If I ever catch up to my dreams of traveling extensively, I want to relearn Spanish.

In case you have been wondering what happened to GCLD’s subscription to Rosetta Stone Library Edition, it needed a hiatus until the new owners got their act together to provide the quality of product GCLD had grown to trust and enjoy. The good news is that Rosetta Stone should be back on our eBooks & Learning Tools page soon!

In the meantime, take an opportunity to log into Britannica Library and search “National Hispanic Month.” I chose articles geared to “Young Adults,” but could have opted for “Children” or “Reference Center” to view articles, images, videos, biographies, and Flash Facts appropriate for reading and comprehension levels.

Wow!Did you know that the United States has more than 60 million Hispanic people? The list of biographies of Hispanic Americans is enormous! Seeing the names Christina Aguilera, Joan Baez, Jennifer Lopez, and Bruno Mars got my feet tapping. Seeing Salma Hayek, Rita Hayworth, Rita Moreno, and Anthony Quinn made me wonder if I have popcorn at home. Popcorn and an Oscar-winning movie with any of these stars is perfect for our chilly evenings.

I barely scroll down the list, as I find every entry interesting. The former head of the Girl Scouts, Sylvia Elia Acevedo, was an advocate for girls’ STEM education because she discovered her passion for science when she was a young Girl Scout. As an adult, she wanted to be a champion for girls to follow their educational interests. Please explore Britannica Library and discover what and who awes you.

Thoughts of popcorn and Girl Scout cookies make me hungry. Searching GCLD’s AtoZ Food America database reveals photos and a recipe for Bizcochitos. Introduced by Spanish conquistadores over 400 years ago, these anise-flavored “gems” are now “New Mexico’s Official State Cookie.” They sure look good, and I am glad that I can view all the ingredients on my phone for easy shopping.

Circling back to the movie stars, I search our online resource Kanopy, known for providing “thoughtful entertainment,” and having a plethora of movies and documentaries from which to choose. Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It sounds good.

If it is nice out this weekend, I will be outside listening to writings by Hispanic authors on OverDrive or Hoopla audiobooks, if it is stormy, I’ll learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month. In either case, I’ll have my Bizcochitos close by.

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, try making these Bizcochitos using the recipe found on GCLD’s online resource, AtoZ Food America database.
Photo credit: AtoZ Food of America