Need Computer Help?


West Grand TSA is here to help!

Technology Student Association, or TSA, is a career and technical student organization that is dedicated to preparing and inspiring students for careers in a technology driven economy. TSA help students become successful inventors, designers, creative problem-solvers, and responsible citizens. It also provides opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Every year the Colorado Technology Student Association holds a statewide conference that involves different competitions that members of TSA chapters can compete in with others and the top in each competitions can even go to the national TSA conference. This year the West Grand TSA chapter is planning on taking 16 members to the State Conference on February 23-25; however, we need some help getting there.

So, to raise money to have all of us go to State we are offering a service to the community. Many people in the community have trouble with technology, whether it is computers, smart phones, gaming devices, or any other electronic. We are offering to fix those for you and even teach you about them. Two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. we will be open to anyone bringing their electronics in and members will help fix whatever is wrong with them. On any other day just make an appointment and one of our members will come out to your house and help you with whatever technological problem you are having. We will be taking a donation for our services. This donation would be nice if it was anywhere between $25-$50.

For more information about this contact Mrs.Birch at birchl@ or (970) 509-0761. Thank you all for your consideration and support of our TSA chapter Jessica Gregory TSA studen