New, Local Business Concept Fabrication

courtesy photo Robert Johnson of Concept Fabrication offers a wide range of services.
courtesy photo Robert Johnson of Concept Fabrication offers a wide range of services.

by Christy Parrott

Kremmling residents wonʼt have to go far for their powder coating and welding needs, thanks to Robert Johnson opening Concept Fabrication. Johnson began the business in March of this year by producing signs for walls and archways: “We started with a few people asking for signs, and I kept getting busier and busier,” he says.

Johnson recently invested in a CNC plasma cutting table (Computer Numerical Technology) that cuts through material using an accelerated hot-plasma jet. This technology provides high speed, precision cuts, which lowers the overall cost to consumers. “Itʼs computerized welding,” Johnson explains. “We can create anything folks might want. A handrail for a deck, an archway with a gate in between, even firepits.”

Johnsonʼs hoping that Concept Fabrication will provide a one-stop shop. He welds everything from teeth for an auger to creating metal brackets for beams for general contractors. Johnson has been welding since he was eight years old, out working in the hayfields. “I got started because when stuff breaks, I had to learn how to fix it,” Johnson says.

Concept Fabrication also offers powder coating. “We can do things like bumpers and rims, such as on a 4wheeler. Things you want protected and to not get scratched up,” Johnson adds. “And the coating is flexible, so it wonʼt mess up your paint job.”

Johnsonʼs parents previously owned Ghostwood Interiors, and Johnson wielded many of the table bases, forging curls into the legs of the feet. Now, Johnson explains, “Iʼm just trying to make a living. Iʼm a little too busy sometimes. Thatʼs not a bad thing.”

Concept Fabrication is located at 5871 County Road 22 and can be contacted at 970-724-8987.