New town board terminates Town Manager’s contract


With Grover Pryor sworn in as mayor and the new trustees seated, the town board immediately began its business on Wednesday night.

In a 4-2 vote, Town Manager Mark Campbell’s contract was terminated immediately without cause. Those voting in favor of his termination were newly seated trustees, Erik Woog, Dave Sammons, Leo Pesch and Holly Martinson. The existing town board trustees Gina Schroder and Jason Wikberg opposed the termination.

Under his contract, dismissal without cause allows Campbell to be given six months of severance pay. Town Clerk, Rhonda Shearer says he will continue to be paid his monthly salary for six months unless he takes other employment. During this six month period, the Town would pay Campbell nearly $42,000.

Woog began the discussion with goals he would like to see the trustees address in the near future and said, “The spirit of this is that we are moving in a new direction… the town expects us to move in a new direction.”

Pesch followed his comment with, “Things need to start happening immediately. People don’t want to wait another week, another month, another year.”

Sammons, who made the motion to terminate the contract, also stated the need to get moving forward.

Campbell had already begun the process of seeking a new position and is currently one of five finalists for a town administrator position in Palisade, Colorado. He commented without animosity, “Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure serving the Town of Kremmling.”

Other employees reappointed were Municipal Judge Ben McClelland, Town Attorney Kathleen Kelly, Treasurer Doris McCallie, Town Clerk Rhonda Shearer and Chief of Police Scott Spade. Gina Schroeder was appointed at Mayor Pro Tem and Erik Woog was appointed as the ex officio member for the Planning and Zoning board.

Trustee Woog also brought other items of discussion to the board including: clearly defining the role of the board, revamping the website to include contact information for the board members, live streaming meetings and properly archiving the meetings, addressing annual evaluations of staff, reviewing the master plan, and addressing the placement of trash containers for the Town.

In addition, Woog proposed, “to restructure a proper means of communication between board members in the shape of commissioners.” He wanted to move forward the assignment of town board members to act in the role of liaisons with each department. This would establish one board member as a police commissioner, a public works commissioner and so forth.

Woog felt, “This would open communication,” and added, “we would spend time to get to know the needs of each department and bring the needs back to the board.”

Sammons echoed this sentiment stating, “It allows us to have a one-on one with each department, and that department head and employees and be able to facilitate what their needs are through the board.”

This system had been used previously, and when asked, Chief Scott Spade had felt it was effective.

Pesch also asked the board if they would consider a Macbook instead of having the board paper packets delivered to the trustees before a meeting.

The trustees have planned a workshop for next Wednesday, April 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.