Schumann pleads guilty to theft


Destiny Dawn Schumann, 26, pleaded guilty to two Class 2 Misdemeanor thefts between $300-$750 while she was the director at Cliffview Assisted Living Center between July and December of 2018.

Schumann was accused of taking two $700 money orders for her own personal use that were intended for a resident’s rent.
Under her plea agreement, Schumann will not be required to serve jail time and will pay restitution of $1400 to Cliffview Assistant Living Center for the resident’s November and December 2018 rent.

In addition to restitution, Schumann will be on unsupervised probation for one year, be required to perform 100 hours of useful public service, and pay $312.00 in court fees. She has until April 7, 2020 to repay the restitution and complete her public service, which can be completed outside of Grand County.

Public Defender Kyomi Bolick addressed the court with reasons Schumann gave up her right to a jury trial, “In part, she wants to give back to the community through useful public service hours, and in part, because she wants to make the victim whole.”

Bolick also said Schumann demonstrated positive traits when she helped frame the wording for the restitution. If the payment was made to the victim directly, it could have been seen as income and affected Medicaid and other benefits. Schumann suggested it be paid directly to Cliffview for the victim’s rent.

Schumann tearfully addressed the court, “The only thing I want to say is that I am sorry (to the victim).

I had no intentions of this. It was a mistake, and I am sorry… I know what it did. I had no intentions of that, and this is not who I am.” Judge Cantanzarite acknowledged Schumann’s remorse. “It is clear this is not your proudest moment… I think this sentencing order is appropriate under the circumstance.” He noted Schumann had no criminal history, and her useful public service hours and the restitution should prevent anything like this happening again in the future. Public Defender Bolick assured the court that Schumann wants to make sure this will not happen again and would not put herself in this position again. “She never intended to commit these acts. But she does want to make sure (the victim) is made whole. She will do her very best to make the restitution payments timely and quickly… She has apologized for her misconduct and is thanking the court for accepting this plea agreement.”

According to Bolick, Schumann has received an “extraordinary amount of backlash” on social media because of these charges.
“In some ways she feels attacked by the community,” said Bolick.After leaving the Grand County community and returning to her hometown of Grand Junction, Schumann was hired as executive director of The Lodge in Grand Junction, a new assisted living community owned by WellAge Senior. After the charges, Katie Langford of Grand Junction’s Daily Sentinel reported Schumann was placed on administrative leave. Schumann is no longer employed with WellAge Senior.

Originally, the Kremmling Police Department was alerted to the theft from administration at Cliffview Assisted Living Center in February and Schumann was arrested later that month for the first offense.

Kremmling Police Chief Jamie Lucas said of the case, “I am pleased to see the Defendant Destiny Schumann took responsibility for her unlawful actions and has accepted the court’s sentence. In addition to this incident coming to a close by her plea of guilty, it is my hope it also brings closure for the elderly victim in these cases.”
Chief Lucas continued, “And let it be known that Kremmling police department will continue to protect our citizens and our elderly from being a victim of such crimes.”

During her employment at Cliffview Assisted Living Center, Schumann was an employee of Senior Housing Options which was contracted to operate Cliffview Assisted Living Center. On March 1, 2019, Middle Park Health began the management of Cliffview with Mary Jo Hargadine as the new executive director.