Strands Salon features aesthetician Kelly Vrbas

photo by Christy Parrott | Aesthetician Kelly Vrbas Kelly Vrbas brings six years of aesthetician experience to Kremmling.
photo by Christy Parrott | Aesthetician Kelly Vrbas Kelly Vrbas brings six years of aesthetician experience to Kremmling.

by Christy Parrott

Living in Grand County, residents are afforded the epitome of the great outdoors experience, which can also result in battling sun-damaged, dehydrated skin. Fortunately, Stands salon features aesthetician specialist Kelly Vrbas. For over a year, Vrbas has offered multiple procedures previously unavailable in Kremmling, such as semi-permanent eyelash extensions, dermaplaning, and individualized skincare routine recommendations. Stands’ owner, Jennifer Hooks, shares, “We are so excited to have Kelly on our team and be able to introduce her wide range of services that Kremmling has been missing. I encourage everyone to not miss out on the opportunity for amazing skincare with an amazing lady.” Vrbas received her license from the Colorado Springs Salon Professional Academy, though skincare and wellbeing has always been a part of her life. “As a former massage therapist, I’ve always enjoyed working with people directly,” Vrbas says. Growing up, Vrbas’ mom worked as a plastic surgeon’s nurse, exposing Kelly to cosmetic grade creams, lotions and serums. Having moved to Kremmling to raise her two small children with her husband, Ryan, she’s pleased to bring her skincare passion to her new community.

Vrbas understands that Kremmling residents are dealing with the effects of living at altitude, not only managing the aging and drying effects of the harsh sun but the potential of skin cancer, as well. At a minimum, she recommends a physical sunscreen, as well as a cleanser and moisturizer. For her own skincare Vrbas uses Sanitas, which she recommends to all of her clients. Sanitas is a Colorado-based company that ethically sources all of their ingredients. “They don’t use harmful chemicals, such as fillers and parabens,” Vrbas explains.

Moreover, Vrbas uses specialty products unavailable over the counter to provide her clients deep cleansing, exfoliation and treatment options that can work in conjunction with dermaplaning, a method of exfoliation that uses a 10-gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

“Dermaplaning allows important ingredients in high-quality skincare products to absorb even better into the skin,” Vrbas explains. “I use a thirty-degree angle, so the blade is almost flat against the skin, with no chance of cutting.”

Kremmling community leader Katie Debell would agree: “My skin feels amazing. I didn’t imagine dermaplaning being a relaxing procedure, but it was. Kelly has a very gentle touch.”

Vrbas insists that with only one hour each month, her clients can enjoy dramatic improvements in the clarity and health of skin. Additionally, having that hard-to-get downtime for personal care is often overlooked but extremely important. “I’ve learned through having my own kids that the old saying, ‘No one’s happy unless Momma is happy,’ is true,” Vrbas shares. “If you’re okay, you’re better able to take care of your family, and by taking good care of your skin, you’re avoiding skin-related issues down the road.” Vrbas is currently offering specials for $10 off dermaplaning and $100 for the initial set of full lashes.

To book an appointment, contact Stands salon 970-531-8374.