Town Talk by Mark Campbell


Kremmling will hold local election for SB 152

On October 16, ballots will be mailed out to registered town voters on an important vote to opt out of Senate Bill 152. This allows for the Town of Kremmling the ability to work with other providers for the possibility of better internet opportunities for the town. Senate Bill 152 currently prohibits the town from doing so. A yes vote will allow the town the opportunity without raising taxes.

As mentioned in this column before, a friendly reminder that people should be keeping their yards free of debris and weeds. The town recently listened to some concerned residents and stakeholders in regards to this and good discussion was held. Our ordinances have been in place for some time and per our ordinances a police officer must issue any letter or citation. Some notices of violation have been issued and we thank those who have complied. The town may be looking at other ordinances to help keep the town free of debris and weeds. This is something to keep in mind when next spring comes around. Five new wayfaring signs have been placed along US Highway 40, County Road 22, and 9th Street; highlighting some of the public amenities in the area. They are in the same theme as the previous signs that were placed two years ago.

2017 has been a good year for sales tax, although we are down a little on last year for the first seven months. March and July were record months with the remaining months being very close seconds or thirds. We are down 1.12% on last year for this time but still well above the ten-year average of $380,269. A part of the reason for this has been the unseasonable weather this year with less snow in January and February meaning less snowmobilers in town spending. However, a good summer has allowed us to bounce back to being on track for our second-best year ever. The last four years have been our highest four years on record. As mentioned before, we believe that the total amount will be leveling out within 2017 and 2018.

Total sales tax collected in the first seven months was $450,873, compared to 2016 which was $455,975; and 2015 at $432,462. A very big Thank You to all the businesses in town; and to the visitors and residents who shop locally.