Trash talk: Town begins negotiations with new trash contractor

Those currently polled on the Town of Kremmling Facebook page are showing a preference for curbside pick-up .
Those currently polled on the Town of Kremmling Facebook page are showing a preference for curbside pick-up .

The Town recently awarded the new trash services bid to Aces High, out of Steamboat Springs, and began contract negotiations with them. The new contract will start on January 1, 2019.

The Town hopes to address current issues facing Kremmling and asked companies to bid options to pay-as-youdump and more options for recycling. Pay-as-you-dump would allow Kremmling residents or visitors to the area to utilize dumpsters for larger items such as couches and large quantities of trash. Anything that you would normally have to haul to the transfer station, could be taken to the new site, saving area residents a trip out of town. Interim Town Manager Rhonda Shearer proposed the dumpsters be placed on a Kremmling owned lot such as the one between the fire station and the cemetery.

Recycling options allow for curbside pick-up every other week for $9 a month for 2019 or pay-as-you-go which would be similar to the pay-as-you-dump philosophy. They pay-as-you-go service would be only be available during set hours, a limited number of days per month. The current receptacle provided for recycling would no longer be an option for Town residents. The Town of Kremmling is currently conducting a Facebook poll asking Kremmling residents to weigh in their vote for these two options.

In addition, Aces High Services also offers curbside recycling for mattresses and electronics. Trustee Erik Woog questioned the need for the electronic recycling option since Kremmling does have a locally based company which provides this service.

The Town received bids from Aces High Services, Waste Management and the Trash Company. According to Shearer, Aces High Services is the only company who bid the contract as asked. The Town currently receives services from the Trash Company and businesses recently saw increases to dumpster services, due to The Trash Companies management, who interpreted the contract differently than previous years.

Joe O’Brien, of Aces High Services, told the Town that the company plans to expand to this area and would base trucks in the Kremmling area and would not travel over the pass.