Weekly Wonder: Bad moods, attitudes, and a change of heart.


    By Kyle Stinnett

    Our third day of waking up at 4 a.m. for a sunrise did not hit me as well as I had hoped. My body was worn out from staying up too late the night before and my lack of coordination in planning this morning was really making life much harder than it needed to be. I was on edge on the way to Williams Fork Reservoir; the destination of our third day of sunrises.

    Alison wasn’t much better off physically as she had played softball with the Mudflingers the night before at the Kremmling softball games. However, her spirits were high as she got out of the truck and limped her way down to the lake. Despite being uncomfortable she had taken the higher road and wanted to experience this sunrise to the fullest extent. On the other hand, I was irritated at the fact that it was 45 degrees outside in June and the mosquitoes were about to carry me away. 

    We sat in the bed of my truck wrapped in blankets and sleeping bags as we watched the world come alive. The sunrise was gorgeous and the moment was so peaceful. I fell back asleep while Alison took in the beautiful landscape in front of us.

    After waking up in the bed of the truck and looking out at the masterpiece that was in front of me, my spirits began to lift. I realized how stupid it was for me to be in such a bad mood when we lived in such an amazing and beautiful spot in our tiny little world. I was healthy, had a great job, a loving wife, and a dog that I could always count on needing to be loved on.

    I watched as some sparrows flew by picking up worms and other food sources off the ground. They sang a symphony of praise with their audacious voices as they gobbled down their breakfast. Fish were jumping out of the water, snacking on the delicacies that lay near the water’s surface. The clouds were almost omitting sounds of joy as they showed the beautiful colors that reflected from the sunlight. Even the trees were dancing as they rocked back and forth by the calm breeze that was swirling through the air.

    This morning, simple as it was, was a life changing moment for me. I had awakened in a grumpy state of misfortune but later had a transformational experience as my mindset shifted to focus on what creation was almost screaming. There was so much reason to be joyful because this day was a new day. The birds were gleefully singing and happy that they had found yet another meal. Creation was dancing and playfully happy as it began to wake up from the night’s slumber. It reminded me that no matter what my circumstances may be, there is always a reason to celebrate. 

    When I was younger, I always thought that the most extravagant of experiences would make me happy and I chose not to settle for anything less than what I deemed to be iconic moments. Today, I realize that it is in life’s most common and seemingly mundane moments that life truly happens. It is the bird eating the worm and singing for joy, the trees dancing in the wind, and the clouds reflecting the glory of a new day that I can find true wholeness and reasons to celebrate. Today is a new day and I get to make it the best day I have ever had.