Young Business Leader: Dakota Docheff-Cordle

Dakota Docheff-Cordle
Dakota Docheff-Cordle

by Marissa Lorenz
Kremmling native Dakota Docheff-Cordle was recently recognized as a “Rising Star” among “women who have demonstrated achievement, growth, and success in the hardware and building industry” by industry media leader, Hardware Building Supply Dealer magazine.

Docheff-Cordle was profiled in the cover story of the November/December 2020 issue in an article titled, “The 2020 Class of Top Women in Hardware and Building Supply: Advancing the Cause for Women,” a follow-up to a three-day virtual event in which the women were celebrated and had the opportunity to meet and participate in panel discussions and presentations from other
female leaders in the industry, with experience from manufacturing and distribution to marketing and sales.

Docheff-Cordle grew up in Kremmling and is a graduate of West Grand High School. She attended Northeastern Junior College, earning a degree in accounting and agri-business.

Upon graduation, Docheff-Cordle returned to Kremmling with plans of pursuing a career in the business/finance industry. But while trying to determine what that future path would be, she was asked if she was interested in working at Northwest Ranch Supply. She applied for the open position, thinking it would be a temporary job.

But “I never left, and it is the best decision I’ve ever made,” says Docheff-Cordle over six years later.

Docheff-Cordle started at Northwest Ranch Supply as the feed/farm and ranch specialist, given her lifelong experience in agriculture.

“After some time, I figured out that the contractor world wasn’t as scary as I thought, and ‘all you have to do is listen,’” she explains, quoting a common refrain from Northwest Co-Founder Tami Menhennett.

Today, Docheff-Cordle is the store manager and specializes in contractor sales, especially in the areas of home decor, kitchen, and bath design.

She explains her day as “answering phones, placing orders, setting up deliveries, showing samples of products, and ensuring our contractors have access to everything they need to build a house from start to finish. I also refresh our monthly in-store promotions, and my favorite task of the year is Small Business Saturday!

“I have learned so much about the building supply world, and I continue to learn something new every day. It is one of the great things that keeps me coming back to work every day.”

“Northwest has an amazing team that is truly committed to servicing our community. Dakota makes us better with her can-do attitude,” commends Tami Menhennett. “She recognizes ways to make our company better and then implements them. She has so many layers of talents that she brings to the table each day.”

And as one might imagine, a woman acknowledged as a “rising star” is still reaching for more. “My goal would be to get everyone to think of ‘Shop Local’ first,” notes Docheff-Cordle about her aspirations in the building supply industry. “It is natural to flock to Lowe’s or Home Depot to get what you need for remodels or repairs. The big-box does a fantastic job of teaching people that they have the best prices….in reality, that is not always true. We have a lot of items packed in a small store, and sometimes we just might save you a trip to Silverthorne or Avon, and save you money! Try it out next time!”

But Docheff-Cordle is not only seen behind the counter and in the aisles of Northwest Ranch Supply. She is entrenched in the workings of the community itself. She can be found coordinating the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo in her role as a Fairboard member, volunteering to help organize Kremmling Chamber events, and working hard to “put Kremmling on the map,” currently focusing on bringing to life the Tracy Byrd and Colt Ford concert planned for August.

When relaxing, one can find Docheff-Cordle taking full advantage of Kremmling’s outdoor fun, “soaking up sun on Wolford in the summer and on top of a mountain snowmobiling in the winter.”

“My favorite part about Kremmling is it doesn’t matter what craziness is going on around us in this world we live in; Kremmling just continues ‘to do what we do,’ no matter what,” Docheff-Cordle explains when asked what keeps her so connected to her hometown community.

“It doesn’t matter who is President. It doesn’t matter if Capitol Hill gets stormed. It doesn’t matter if a wall is built around Mexico. Kremmling will continue on, in our own little world the same way we have since 1881. Our lakes will still be full of fish; our favorite camping spots will be available for a family getaway; our trails will be open for adventures…nothing else matters.”
She concludes, “There is an old saying, ‘There is no place like home.’ I grew up here, and Kremmling has always been my home. I love Kremmling, and I will always give my spare time to community involvement.”

In turn, the Kremmling community might well echo the observation made by Rory Menhennett, Vice-President of Northwest Ranch Supply, “We are proud of Dakota’s accomplishments, and we are lucky to have her as part of our team.”