Budget Talks at County Get Brighter

$603,635 is projected deficit instead of $1.8 million

In a Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) budget strategy workshop last Wednesday, the Commissioners discussed their budgets, reduction strategies and the projected “white board” expenditure outlook for 2017. Interim County Manager Ed Moyer reported on concerns over the 2017 projected expenditures, and after asking Grand County Finance Director, Curtis Lange to review and verify them, he discovered a significant reduction in the projected deficit due to 2016 Highway 9 budgeted expenditures

being carried forward and included in the 2017 estimated expenditures, as the majority of these expenditures would be made in 2016. Finance Director confirmed with the BOCC that $1.2 million was included in the 2017 projected expenditures (and deficit). This significant reduction in projected deficit from $1.8 million allows the Board of County Commissioners to now concentrate on a 2017 projected deficit of $603,635 to balance the budget.