Grand County Sheriff’s Office Adopts Model Traffic Code


The Grand County Sheriff’s Office recently adopted the Model Traffic Code for Grand County. The Model Traffic Code allows the Sheriff’s Office to receive revenue from tickets that are written for basic traffic violations. The percentage of money that is given to the county from the tickets will be basically used for training education equipment and victims assistance.

The Model Traffic Code was implemented in 1952 and most jurisdictions in the state receive a percentage of monies from traffic violations that are cited. The Kremmling Police Department also receives money from the Model Traffic Code.

In the past, the general assumption was that the Sheriff’s office should not be in the “money-making” business, but Lieutenant Dan Mayer of the Grand County Sheriff’s Office explains, “The Sheriff’s Office receives a significant

number of traffic complaints each day and two of the most common areas we receive these complaints are Highway 9 and Berthoud Pass. We are planning on increasing enforcement in these areas.”

The Grand County Commissioners unanimously accepted the resolution for the Grand County Sheriff’s office to adopt the Model Traffic Code in Tuesdays meeting. Commissioner Kris Manguso clarified that she wanted to avoid unintended consequences such as increased tickets for traffic violations to generate revenue.

“Adopting the Model Traffic Code doesn’t necessarily mean Deputies will be writing more tickets, it just dictates who receives the fines from those violations,”. said Lieutenant Mayer in a separate interview outside of the meeting.

The Model Traffic Code will not take effect for Grand County until later in late June or early July.