Friends of Grand County libraries: library champions


by Polly Gallagher

Imagine having an organization dedicated to championing the work you do every day. Grand County Library District has these champions with not just one but two organizations, the Friends of the Grand County Library and The Grand County Library Foundation.

The work of the Friends highlights libraries as the cornerstone of the community, providing opportunities for all to engage in the joy of reading and life-long learning. Currently, more than 150 community members are involved with the Friends, which conducts multiple fundraising efforts during the year, including special events, such as Tops of the Rockies, as well as in-person and online book sales.

The Friends raise funds so GCLD has engaging, innovative programs and resources that help ensure our community’s children are on the road to reading and learning success. Since its inception in 1984, the Friends has contributed more than $800,000 for library services, including media purchases (magazines, CDs, videos), and has funded the summer reading program and other children’s literacy programs.

“The Friends believe in libraries as a critical component of a thriving, educated Grand County community,” said Judy Smith, the current president.  

Walking out of Fraser Valley Library, I noticed a ‘tween having her after-school snack while listening to one of the read-along chapter books purchased by Friends. Perhaps you saw the line of one hundred plus kids at the Kona Ice Truck following the Pirate Dogs summer reading program? You might have noticed children looking for water samples or insects to view under the microscopes they created. The Friends of Grand County Library provided funds for all of these in 2022 and much more. 

For more information on the Friends of the Grand County Library and to become a member, go to and see how our Friends advocate and raise funds to provide a powerful force for Grand County libraries.