Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

Thank you Granby Chamber of Commerce for an excellent candidate forum.

We are writing to thank the organizers of the candidate forum on Monday night in Granby.  In these voters’ opinion, the program content showed a marked contrast between the two candidates for Grand County Clerk and Recorder. On the one hand, Abby Loberg believes that Grand County elections are accurate and fair, period.  Her opponent, Jolene Linke, won’t say if the last election was fair. However, in response to the question, “How do you plan to remain nonpartisan, and what decisions might you make that may not be supported by your political party,” candidate Linke responded that she would, “Replace Dominion [voting] machines, and I would have an opportunity to do that…If I did not, they [my party] would be unhappy with me.” On what factual and legal basis Grand County could do this, she did not say. In short, when asked how she would be nonpartisan, Candidate Linke responded that she would be partisan. 

This raises several questions. First and foremost:  How much will Grand County taxpayers have to shell out for this? Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters has cost the taxpayers of her county $1.3 million (and counting); is that what we want for Grand County? 

The forum also shed important light on the fact that, in addition to administering our local elections, the Clerk and Recorder bears the responsibility of recording the public minutes of the Grand County Commissioners meetings. This means that, if elected, Candidate Linke would be charged with making the official government record of the comments another currently elected family member is making at Commissioner meetings.

For these reasons alone, and regardless of party affiliation, local voters should carefully scrutinize the candidates for this office and vote to elect Abby Loberg, a dedicated community member of many decades and a candidate who has been clear from the beginning regarding her commitment to continuing Sara Rosene’s strong record of nonpartisan election and county business administration. 

John Riedel and Zachariah Falconer-Stout

Co-chairs, Grand County Democratic Party