Jon Schallert explains basic business principles to the 20 attendees at the workshop on Tuesday at the Kremmling Chamber. photo credit Kim Cameron

The Kremmling Chamber and Grand County Economic Development hosted Jon Schallert in Kremmling on Tuesday morning to highlight Schallert’s upcoming workshops and bootcamps.

Schallert shared words of wisdom with a diverse group of established business owners, those beginning a business, artisans, aspiring author and those wishing to find their marketable niche.

Schallert, a marketing expert and small business strategist, pushes businesses to go beyond the ordinary and capitalize on what makes them unique. Ultimately, Schallert empowers businesses to capitalize on their distinctiveness for free marketing and publicity to become a Destination Business.

Schallert also addresses what patrons should see when entering a businesses and highlights the decompression zone and how individuals look to the right immediately upon entering. He teaches participants in his workshops how to maximize on first impressions and to create a lasting image for the business.

In 2015, 18 Grand County businesses were sponsored by the office of Grand County Economic Development to be part of Community Reinvention which included Schallert’s boot camp in October in Longmont, and 4-months of group trainings afterwards. In addition, Schallert comes to Grand County and will do 3 workshops in 2017. This year the Grand County Economic Development office received a USDA grant to support the continuation of this program. Eighteen more businesses in Grand County will be sponsored to become part of the Community Reinvention Program. “It is really a movement,” said DiAnn Butler the director of Grand County Economic Development, “there is a lot of collaboration among Grand County businesses to make Grand County a destination business.”

To qualify for the grant you must be under $1 million in gross sales and have less than 50 employees.

To learn more about Schallert’s Destination Boot Camp and Community Reinvention Program, go to www.CommunityReinvention. com

To apply for the program, send a letter of interest to