Matt Kroschel bids K-town farewell


Letters to the editor…

Grand County, thank you.
You have been kind, thoughtful, and supportive to my family in our three years calling this place home.

We are moving to Huntsville, Alabama right now in the middle of this mess, so saying goodbye in person to so many of our friends and neighbors just isn’t in the cards.

Thank you for your news tips and for keeping me on my toes while reporting for CBS4, I hope I have served our community well, making sure to remind the city slickers that what happens here in rural Western Colorado matters and impacts them, even if they don’t believe it.

It’s bittersweet to be leaving when I see such amazing progress and growth happening here in Kremmling. Don’t be afraid to welcome new folks with different perspectives into your lives. Also hold tight to the values and hard working attitude that makes this place special.

Matt Kroschel